Jena-6er Made Near Fatal Boo-Boo

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Livesteez reports that Mychal Bell accidentally capped himself recently:

One of the teenagers arrested in the “Jena Six” case has been taken to the hospital after shooting himself in the chest police say. Monroe, Louisiana, police Sgt. Cassandra Wooten says Mychal Bell’s wound isn’t life-threatening.

Wooten says the 18-year-old wounded himself around 7:40 p.m. in Monroe. He’s been staying with a foster family there, reports The Associated Press. Wooten believes Bell was upset over media coverage of his arrest last week on a shoplifting charge. Bell was arrested Christmas Eve and booked on a shoplifting charge, police said Monday, Dec. 29, 2008. He was freed on $1,300 bond following his arrest at a mall in Monroe, La. He also was booked on charges of resisting arrest and simple assault.

He was one of six black teens charged with beating a white classmate at Jena High School in December 2006. The case aggravated racial tensions in the central Louisiana town and led to a massive civil rights demonstration. Bell pleaded guilty in juvenile court to a charge of second-degree battery for the self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Well, we’re glad to hear that young blood is ok. But seriously, this cat is obviously not too bright. Who the f*k cleans a loaded gun? Duh.

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  • grillfixer


  • pm

    way to embarrass all the people that stood up for your stupid ass.

  • mojojojo


  • mojojojo



    Why did I read on yahoo that he was arrested again because he was shoplifting? SMH. I hope that isn’t true.

  • Nina Knows

    I’m glad he’s ok. At least he was cleaning it and not playing with it… be careful next time.. dumbass 🙂

  • This I Know

    Who the f*k cleans a loaded gun? Duh.

    The real question here is WHAT is he, a teenager, doing with a loaded gun in the first place? Whatever really went down in Jena, shouldn’t this kid be careful about his image?

  • MS. P.R.O

    all over the news the story is he shot himself in the chest trying to commit suicide because he was caught shoplifting and was back in the media and could not handle the pressure…..somebody needs to get their story straight….

  • kahmmillion

    SMDH – When will these kids learn!

  • Sydney

    This story is very troubling. . .It seems like a possible attempted suicide.

    And does anyone know why this young man is in foster care?

  • mAx

    what an idiot, after all that happpened. and i bet he was playing with it. some people just dont get it. he’s a clown, plain and simple

  • mAx

    suicide??? lol c’mon now sydney, who’s aim is that bad? i doubt it was that

  • Sydney


    According to the AP story I read this morning, there’s more to this story:

    Mychal Bell’s wound isn’t life threatening, said Monroe Police Sgt. Cassandra Wooten. The 18-year-old used a .22-caliber firearm in the shooting around 7:40 p.m., she said.

    Wooten believes Bell was upset over media coverage of the arrest last week.

    “I think he was upset over the incident … and didn’t want to be in the news again,” she said.

  • Sydney

    Also, I’m puzzled over why Bell is in foster care when he has two parents (and I vividly recall their interview on Larry King Live when this story hit the national news).

    The Atlantic has an article on the Jena 6 in its January/February issue that may shed some light. Excerpt below — This young man obviously comes from a very troubled background:

    In the year leading up to the attack on Barker, Bell had punched a girl, physically assaulted a man, and committed two acts of vandalism—four offenses he was found guilty of in juvenile court. (His father called it “kid stuff” and complained about “Uncle Toms” running to whites at the courthouse.) Fowler, a jowly white man of 56 who says he was “like a granddaddy” to his players, told me of other incidents that he had heard about involving the crowd Bell ran with, which included some of the Jena Six. In the summer of 2006, for example, that crowd had attacked a black ex-convict who had himself once been feared in the neighborhood.

    As a child, Bell was “scared of everything,” his mother says—fire engines, police sirens. But as he grew up, his temper began to scare others. “He was hotheaded a lot—that was his only flaw, I believe,” McPherson says, along with “hanging out with the wrong people.” Bell also had a father who believed that no slight should go unanswered—that if you were in the right, as Jones put it, “you have the right to be a man.”

    Bell’s volatility became evident in dramatic fashion when he assaulted a female student, LaTara Hart, on Christmas Day, 2005. She got in the middle of Bell’s long-running dispute with her cousin, and ended up at the hospital with injuries—to her eye, jaw, and chest—that her family describes as more serious than Justin Barker’s.

  • Ultimate Hustla

    what a moron.. unfortunately not surprising.

  • Sydney

    According to The Atlantic, Mychal Bell’s father hasn’t been in the picture for some time (despite his frequent interviews in the past year) and his mother also has had past legal problems.

    I personally don’t believe that Bell’s problems are all self-created.

  • PhillyGrownWoman

    those jena 6 boys are an embarassment

  • Afiya - GO EAGLES

    Why does he even have a gun in his possession…is he on some type of police force?

  • ha ha

    i’m not buying it.

    it could have been attemped suicide or something.

    I can see why he would carry around a gun. THose whites down there are still running around.

    I dont see why he would “clean” a loaded gun

  • WorkingWoman

    UMMMM you guys may want to make sure your reporting the right thing…..On every other website I have read today (Yahoo, Cnn, AP, MediaTakeout, etc.) they have said that he shot himself after being arrested for shoplifting. He attemped suicide….GET IT TOGETHER!!!

  • mAx

    @ sydney

    hhmmm thats interesting. guess there is more to the story. hope he makes wiser choices in the future with his life. he’s probally going thru alot that we have no clue about so we including me shouldnt be so quick to judge like our lives are so perfect. cause we aint angles either.

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    What’s embarrassing is this country has a president and a ruling class which doesn’t include Jay Z or Beyonce who pit each and every follower against the other and they get away with it. What makes him any different than the KILLER Laura Bush who killed her high school sweetheart in a car accident or Ted– i can’t hold my liquor Kennedy he’s got blood on his hands just like Bush & co. who are pillaging Iraq Afghanistan and any GOTTDAMN place ELSE they wanna steal from. How is he any different? He’s at the bottom of the totem pole surrounded by much worse f**k ups. He’s not the only N.O. resident ready to blast his brains out. Many of those people are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. The lack of LOVE and Compassion reminds me of the people caught in the secret war in Somalia…Who CARES?

  • Yahh Trick YaaHH!!!

    lol silly rabbit, gun are for hunting. but dont get near dick cheney, he might think ur an animal and busta cap in ya lol!

  • Opie Taylor

    Just another example on why most black people should not be allowed to procreate.

  • Sydney


    “he’s probally going thru alot that we have no clue about so we including me shouldnt be so quick to judge like our lives are so perfect.”

    Exactly. His problems weren’t created inside a vacuum. There’s a lot more to this story and the causes of his problems. I hope he gets some help soon because at this rate, he will possibly wind up in prison or worse.

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