Aspiring Adult Film Star And Her Pops Are Popped After Police Discover They’re The Parents Of A Precious Tot

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SMH @ them getting caught after the Dad tried SELLING video footage he shot of her getting chopped down by another girl!!! This story is just nasty on all kinds of levels! Talk about an epitome of a bad father!

Via NY Daily News:

An aspiring freaky flick star and her father were arrested Monday after a DNA test proved that they had a sexual relationship that resulted in a child, authorities said.

Tiffany Hartford, 23, and George Sayers Jr., 46, of Bethel, Conn. denied knowing that they were father and daughter. But information provided by Hartford’s ex-girlfriend suggests otherwise.

Hartford – who told police she wanted to star in adult film before she got pregnant – allegedly introduced Sayers to her ex-girlfriend as her “husband/father.”

The unidentified ex-girlfriend consented to having Sayers take photos and video of her and Hartford having sex, but not to the video’s distribution.

When she discovered Sayers was allegedly selling the videos for $40 and pictures for $5, she contacted the police, who launched an investigation in February, reported local newspaper The News-Times.

The footage is not considered child p0rn because the women were at least 16 at the time, said police.

Sayers’ computer allegedly held additional footage – uncovered during a police search – of Hartford posing sexually in provocative clothing.

Police allegedly uncovered that this was a case of !ncest when they analyzed the DNA of Hartford, Sayers and their child.

They pleaded not guilty to third degree sexual assault, obscenity and conspiracy to commit obscenity for the photo distribution.

SMH @ husband/father!!!! EWWWWWWW!

These people are so nasty on so many levels! What kind of man videotapes his daughter having gay sex and then tries to sell the video AND has sex with her and raises a kid like it’s normal???


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