It Should Come As No Surprise That…

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Amy Winehouse has rocks for breakfast. Her former assistant puts that triflin’ ass on blast via CelebTV. This wheffah is over-rated, under-fed, and plain old nasty – point blank.

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  • grillfixer


  • milagros

    2nd!! there are people that have crack for breakfast everyday..atleast amy whinehouse is making some kind of cash

  • grillfixer

    Az u can C! I am not very buzy @ work 2 day!! lol nuthin 2 do but F around on the Net!! it’s a wonderful thang!! Brush n Floss!!!

  • Afiya - GO EAGLES

    Not surprise she sucks rock…I’m surprised she still sucks air!


    If she lives through 2009 I’ll be very suprised.


    I guess thst dispells the whole “skin disease” stint. Man..,..she is too good for that…crack is still wack. Somebody tell Lil Wayne.

  • [B]

    “YEZ” 2 REHAB…

  • BMW

    Nope I dosagree Amy winehouse got the it honey! When I heard her first single I was glued to the song, I knew the chick had great talent. just cause the chick is a crack head don’t mean she aint got talent. I listen to that cd all the time. The girl sings to the depth of her sould and you actually feel her pain. I also love her first album.

  • BMW

    the girl is a white whitney

  • BlackLadyDoctor

    Pathetic, I’m not sure why Dr. Korverkian hasn’t contacted this chick yet. She’s in some serious pain. She’s a threat to herself and others why hasn’t she been committed? Because SOCIETY loves watching TRAINWRECKS.

  • InBetween

    She’s a flaming mess but LOLOLOLz at Toast And Crack For Breakfast. OMG what about bacon, egg and cheese Amy??

  • InBetween

    Does anyone realize that she’s like 24/25 and looks like she was born a day apart from Modonna??Drugs will screw you the heck up. What is she gonna look like at 30?? Poor thing

  • barb

    she may be a lot of things, but overrated is not one of them.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    What does this white crack ho have to do with Black Gossip?

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    She’s beyond crazy.

  • charleybar

    She may be cracked out, but her back to black album is better than anything beyonce ever put out

  • AQT

    You all can say what you want about Amy but her cd is hot. She may have some issues but she creates good music!! I like her but just pray she will continue getting the help she needs!

  • Knoxus

    What do I think about a guy who says he sex with someone who had crack for breakfast? Why come out with this story now? Is it because she’s getting her life on track and looking healthy and possibly about to release a new album??? Where do people find these assistants, nannies, and bodyguards who feed on the wealthy? Good help is hard to find. If he was humping her…then he was probably smoking rocks with her and needs some money. Shame on him.

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    I like her music(even though the sound is from our people circa 1950), but the little jewess needs to put the pipe down.
    Girl looks like she survived the camps at Buchenwald.


  • Dizzy McElroy

    She sucks a meeeaaannn pipe

  • whatever!

    Amy is wasting her talent on rocks. Sad. She sings better than Beyonce and RiRi put together.

  • May you be blessed in this New Year to come, Amy..I Love You

    I hope Amy recovers from her SICKNESS and rebounds and KICKS ASS, especially for all of you out there that have been doggin her. It could be you. This gifted blossom has more talent than any of these no talent, no class amateurs out here. I hadnt bought a CD in years, til I heard Amy. Even on crack, she has more talent than the average sleazy assed so called entertainer in hollywood. Luv you Amy, I hope the manufacturers of this evil called crack rot in hell, not once, but infinity.

  • txgals

    There’s nothing worse than a man who kiss and tells! What an asshole!!

    Amy has more talent in her toenail than most of these so called entertainers out there. Godspeed Amy.

  • Knottmy Hair

    who cares about Amy Crackhouse? and why do you guys keep putting out blossips about her…she’s not black only her hair is…it’s not real black…it only bleeds black.

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