Jesus Take The Wheel: 14-Year-Old Girl Beheaded For Refusing To Marry Her Family Member

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14-Year-Old Girl In Afghanistan Beheaded For Refusing A Marriage Request

In a horrible story out of Aghanistan, a 14-year-old girl was beheaded in broad daylight for refusing to marry one of her family members.

The Daily Beast

Fourteen-year-old Gastina probably didn’t realize the imminent danger she was facing.

As the seventh-grade student was fetching drinking water at 9 a.m. from a well some 500 feet from her modest house in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz early this past Tuesday, she was set upon by two men brandishing a hunting knife. The men, who are related to Gastina, jumped on her and brutally slit her throat to the bone.

Sadeq, Masood, and their family had been pestering—indeed, threatening—Gastina’s father, Noor Rahman, that they would not take no for an answer to Masood’s marriage proposal. Rahman stood his ground, insisting that his daughter was too young to be engaged.

Sarwar, the police spokesman, says Rahman told him that the brothers had proposed repeatedly and seemed to become angrier after each rejection. Sarwar adds that immediately after killing Gastina, the two men rushed home, changed out of their bloodstained clothes, and tried to run. The police caught them and said they looked “frightened and nervous.”

The local police and the provincial director of women’s affairs in the province called her cruel death a beheading.

Soooo many things wrong with this story, in addition to the obvious. Why was she being taunted about marrying her own family member? Was there no one around to help her? And did these fools really think they would get away with this? SMH. Our thoughts are with this young girls family; may she rest in peace.

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