Taste Like Chicken: Stranded Siberian Fishermen Suspected Of Turning Cannibal And Eating Their Friends

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Cold world

Siberian Fisherman Turn Cannibal

Via RadarOnline reports:

Alexander Abdullaev, 37, and Alexei Gradulenko, 35, were found alive – but only just – an astounding three months after they ventured out to one of the most remote regions in the world where temperatures drop below –22 Fahrenheit.

One body was found and one is still missing, however police are not certain if the corpse is that of Viktor Komarov, 47, or Andrei Kurochkin, 44, but they do suspect the dead man was murdered – most likely for his flesh if grisly knife wounds are any indication.

Near the ravaged body, investigators reportedly found a wooden stake or ax that could have been used as a murder weapon, blood trails in the snow and a bloody jacket belonging to one of their pals.

“We suspect, the two survivors could have killed and eaten their friend just because of hunger,” an police source told Life News website. “But both deny they have anything to do with his death. Looking at the body parts found at the spot, we clearly saw cuts. It means the body was hacked to pieces.

“Now the body parts – some human flesh and part of the skull – are taken to the morgue,” said the witness to the gory case.

The fourth member of the group is missing completely, prompting police to suspect that he might also have been a victim of cannibalism in the fisherman’s blood-thirsty struggle to survive.

“What we found were chopped human bones, fragments of a skull and a bloodstained chunk of ice,” an unnamed investigator told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. “It’s clear that this person did not die of his own accord.”

Now after facing the most extreme elements imaginable, Abdullaev and Gradulenko are going head-to-head with the legal system as a criminal case into suspected murder has been opened.

Just like friends, they stab you in the back…ok bad joke at situation, but it is called “survival of the fittest”. However, to kill is selfish and sickening. We can never relate to their extreme experience and unfortunate events. SMH!!

Russian Emergencies Ministry

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