Divine Intervention Saved Would Be Sick Santa Victims

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This demented ass who murked his family had his eyes set on offing more people:

The man who killed nine people at his former in-law’s Christmas party in the U.S. while dressed as Santa Claus had plotted the attack several months ago and his hit list was longer than first thought, police said.

Bruce Pardo planned to also kill his mother and his ex-wife’s divorce attorney but committed suicide before he could complete the task, police said Monday.

Authorities said his plan was thorough and detailed. Pardo had a getaway car, an airplane ticket to the Midwest, several guns and high-powered ammunition only sold outside the state.

He launched the attack on Christmas Eve, putting on his Santa Claus suit, arming himself with four guns and barging into a party at his ex-relatives’ home. He then killed nine people and torched the home.

Police Lt. Pat Buchanan said Pardo knew his mother had been invited to the party and intended to kill her because he felt she sided with his ex-wife in their divorce. Lucky for her, Buchanan said, she felt ill and opted to stay home.

His ex-wife’s attorney also was apparently a target. Police Chief Kim Raney said Pardo left a rented vehicle near the attorney’s Glendale home the day of the shooting and filled it with maps, clothes and a fuel tank.

But Pardo never made it to the vehicle. He was burned while torching the in-law’s house and later killed himself at his brother’s home.

If Pardo had lived, “his next destination was Glendale,” Raney told hundreds of mourners who gathered at a local school Monday to offer each other comfort.

The residents, many wearing orange ribbons to remember the victims, gasped as Raney explained the latest details of the investigation. Raney pledged he would “try to bring sense to what was a senseless act.”

Damn, ya’ll.  To say this cat has hella-explaining to do when he meets his maker is putting it very lightly.  SMH @  plans to kill your own mama.


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  • grillfixer


  • Brianna !!

    what is the world coming to?!

  • WorkingWoman

    But they say “WE” the crazy ones…..My heart goes out to the family though, 4real!

  • http://annoymous@yahoo.com anonymous says the one who keeps it moving

    crazy azz white folks told you they are the devil in disquise!! crazy azz who does shyt like that ????

  • g

    wht does smh mean?

  • g

    thanks i needed to knw that

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    White = Evil


  • kahmmillion

    White ppl are crazy as all holy hell! SMH

  • Nita1006

    Well hell, I see why the mama sided with the ex-wife. She knew her son was crazy as all get out!

  • Alaskan Baby

    my oh my

  • Yvonne

    This man was beyond crazy…I swear I think he was demon possessed.

    When he knocked on the front door and the little girl opened it he just point blank shot her in the face and proceeded to shoot up the rest of the family then set the house on fire.

    I mean this man also planned to kill his mother and his ex-wife’s attorney. You tell me thats not demon possession.

  • Seek the light beyond the shadows

    This is truly a tragedy, this man was insane. Its a sad day when you need to pack heat because your getting a divorce. The one thing I say to women is that you need to have your own safety cushion. Maybe he would not have gone on this violent and deadly rampage if he was not a risk of loosing everything. I’d like to add that this is no excuse. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

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