E-40: “I Had Nothing to do With the Denver Shooting”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

E-40 says neither him, nor his crew have a clue about the shootings from the other day:

West Coast rap star E-40 is speaking out regarding his role in a recent shooting, following a sold-out performance at a Denver, Colorado nightclub.

According to his manager, Chaz Hayes, “E-40 and his camp were uninvolved in the unfortunate incident at Club Vinyl in Denver on Dec. 27, 2008.” “Neither E40 nor anyone traveling with him was in the venue at the time. In fact, E-40 had concluded his performance and been back in the hotel room,” Hayes told AllHipHop.com via a statement as he noted the reception the rapper received from his visit.

“During his time at the venue, and in fact during the trip to Denver as a whole, he encountered nothing but love and gave nothing but love back. E-40 had a crowd pleasing and peaceful show,” Hayes said. E-40’s statement is the latest development following Saturday’s shooting, which occurred at 1:45 a.m. in front of Club Vinyl, as concertgoers were leaving the venue.

One person is currently in critical condition following the shooting, while four other people were released from the hospital after being treated for minor wounds at the Denver Health Medical Center.

At this time, police are continuing to investigate the shooting.

We’re sure glad that E-40 was far away from all of the “thuggerization.” Perhaps hyphy-ness was the sole culprit responsible for this foolishness.


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  • Hannibal

  • KC

    of course he had nothing to do with it. lol. he was too busy poppin his collar.

  • Opie Taylor

    E-40, hate to burst your bubble, but you were responsible. Anytime you throw a rap party, 90% of the time, violence will ensue.

  • If I had a dollar for every TOKEN NEGRO I could make CHANGE

    @ Opie you need to quit it. Where did you get your figures from? You Uncle Sell-Out’s continue to speak for your masters. How many violent scenes have happened at ROCK CONCERTS? Surely you have FACTS AND FIGURES. Stop it…YOu people always want to criminalize the BLACK race meanwhile screwing your cousin and your ex-girlfriend is dead in the freezer somewhere. Stop IT!

  • PhillyGrownWoman

    luv e-40

  • http://www.myspace.com/magnifico1 Yahh Trick YaaHH!!!

    opie is gay just dont pay him any attention philly.


    I be more hip than a hippopotamus….

    Where is Suga T at?

  • Me

    We love E-40 out here in Denver! It wasnt anything he did its just these little bad a$$ kids that gotta show that Denver has some hood in it. Pitiful I know…

  • Coco Puff

    How typical you always gotta have somebody to try and put blacks on blast..just like i read the other day”rap gone soft” first we too hard now they too soft..They just dont like us..Never have and Never will..

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Does anyone in here listen to E-40?


    Coco Puff….what you know…

    Pushin more weight than Atlas….got a partner by the name of 2pacalypse….


    Mr. Brown…

    Mr. 40 started the whole ‘izzle’ movement…they give Snoop kudos but he doenst deserve them…



    doesn’t…I feel I must redeem myself…in my angst to reply to Mr. Brown I fumbled on the keyboard and I want to apologize to you all.

  • kenya

    @ Encyclopedia Brown

    uh yeah, that’s why his show was sold out. currently in my cd player i have the mail man, in a major way, charlie hustle, hall of game, and grit and grind, and i’m sure i’m not alone

  • kenya


    @ Coco Puff….what you know…

    Pushin more weight than Atlas….

    more weight than nautilus..as in 24 hour



    That’s why I asked her ‘what you know’ LOL!! Good catch!! LOL!!

    I asked my folk at the next desk…he is a dumbass….

  • Junk

    I was out that night and people at a club 1/2 block away were tripping too. So, it’s a good chance that what jumped off didn’t even start at the location where he was performing. Broadway was pretty rowdy that night.

  • Jewish Baby

    does the e in e 40 stand for ezikiel?


    Well…let me rephrase…

    E40 introduced the ‘izzle’ to MY generation…not Snoop…

  • Nikol_Mami

    Denver is just LAME! I was about a block away from the shooting.. Colorado niccas be on some dumb fake ish!

  • Dizzy McElroy

    You people have no lives.

  • kenya

    okay e40 doesn’t do “izzles” in the bay we don’t say for shizzle, we say for shizzie, and e40 has that twisted fast rap on lock, he did it before bone thugs or that twista dude from chicago. and because some ignorant crack babies want to shoot up crap, doesn’t mean 40 is responsible. while their dumb butts are engaging in this stupidity, e40 will be up in the hills of Livermore chilling. and the e in e40 is not for ezekiel, but for earl.

  • http://aol.com I malo

    Yo, me & Earl way kool friend’s since ever w’out the 4 lol this cat is not a cat who want’s nuff’n but to have fun with everyone safely and be the HOG that he is, go home to the fam and marinate with them and definitely wants the same for his fan’s. If you ever get a chance to meet this cat , trust me he would hug u like you his kin, he’s always been non violent and COOL , Hogan Spar’tane’s 🙂 c/o 85 we keep it LIVE !

  • Creole Baby isa Cash Money Stunna on his 14th Summa

    iz he a dirty j-makin?

  • Creole Baby isa Cash Money Stunna on his 14th Summa

    ziggy wiggy fizzy fow

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