Crazed Fan Gets The Smack Down

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According to Livesteez, James Bradie assaulted some crazy fan and broke his bifocals yesterday:

After a disappointing season-ending loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys were met with angry fans outside the team’s training facility, and at least one armed with a picket sign that apparently went too far.

The fan wore a sandwich board that read “Cowboys have no heart’ on one side and “Wade is an embarrassment to the star” on the other, according to ESPN’s Ed Werder. Linebacker Bradie James spotted it while driving outside of the facility and immediately took offense.

According to ESPN, he stopped his vehicle and demanded the fan give him the sign. When the man refused, James removed it from him, breaking the man’s eyeglasses in the process. Linebacker Bradie James said the fan was blocking him from leaving the team’s training facility. “I almost ran him over with my car,” James, a team captain and vocal leader, said. “I said, ‘Man, I’m getting ready to hit you with the car; you’re just in the way.’

“He was like, ‘Why didn’t you guys have that fire last night! You should’ve showed that much heart last night!’ So the next thing you know, I’m just ripping that sign off of him. He said that I broke his glasses, so I went and gift-wrapped some Oakleys, and he got something out of the deal.”

Both parties were taken into the Cowboys’ offices and after a discussion, no charges were filed. The fan was disgusted by the team’s 44-6 loss to Philadelphia, which eliminated the team from playoff contention. “I told him, ‘I share your same frustrations. But where we differ is I wouldn’t go to anybody’s job, especially not up here with 300-pound guys, trying to tell them what they didn’t do right.'”

These sports fanatics are hilarious. Lol at dude getting run up on by a massive linebacker. He probably tinkled a little in his shorts behind that sh*t.

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  • KC

    SMH!!! A grown @$$ man trying so hard to get at another grown @$$ man…this is just tragic. But that’s what he gets.

  • Hannibal


  • BlackLadyDoctor

    A slave? Well, I can free him for sure! Hey Soulja boy—LOOKEY’ here that’s a chest right there.

  • Hannibal


  • PhillyGrownWoman

    the football player did nothing wrong….the FAN was CRAZY!

  • Exxon300

    A lawyer will be contacting the fan soon and Bradie will be facing a lawsuit. Bradie should have stayed his ass in car.




  • Yahh Trick YaaHH!!!

    im not gon lie, when that guy fumbled at the cowboy’s 4 yd line and they ran it back, I WAS PISSED!!! i knew romo wasnt gon make it cuz he got ownd a few plays back and they scored where taht dude stiff armed his helmet . that was embarassing 4real. but there is always next year guys. chins up chests out and go get em lol.

  • http://myspace young duka

    dumbass gossip sites get the name right its bradie james

  • Scarlett

    Bradie James is fine than a mutha…put a better picture on here.

  • Proud ArmyWifee

    Thats kinda funny

  • cletus

    Hmmmm, let’s see…Fan calls out underachieving NFL team and ends up being assaulted by one of said team’s players? I’m not going into the team’s office! Somebody call an ambulance(and Jim Adler)! Player, you can keep them d@#m Oakley shades…In the words of the famous Martin Payne-I’M ABOUT TO GET BROKE OFF!

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    N. UNDERWOO what does Chells mean?


    Mr. Brown….

    It is my way of saying hello. Say it in your head…then envisage me saying it softly on your earlobe…’chellllllo’……

  • DDub

    “I told him, ‘I share your same frustrations. But where we differ is I wouldn’t go to anybody’s job, especially not up here with 300-pound guys, trying to tell them what they didn’t do right.’”

    To which he replied, “I have 300-pound guys at my job and nobody comes and cheers them on as they do their jobs.”

  • Playlist

    This is a random ass post

  • 44----6

    The Cowboys got that ass spanked for sure. The fan is stupid just like all of the dumb ass Dallas Fans…just some sore ass losers they think that the Cowpunks arent supposed to lose…but they got that ass spanked not just beat. Ha ha I love it. Way to go Philly.

  • EJ

    for the record…dude’s name is Bradie James not James Bradie.

  • Spartylicious

    Bradie James is fine as hell. I just wish that the Cowboys of now could play like the Cowboys of late. They have no fire and they’re not afraid of getting that ass traded like when Jimmy Johnson was coaching.

  • gofigure

    I hope the fan sues
    this empty headed
    SPOOK and gets broken
    off BIG TIME — you
    empty headed splib, when
    you get paid million$
    to play your heart out
    and you FAIL TO DO SO
    you can damn well expect
    to get called on it —
    that comes with the fame,
    the glory and the moolah

  • Str8 Truth

    Hint to the fact checkers: In the NFL, the SURNAME is on the back of the jersey.

  • The Bear - Black is the new White!!!

    Now I happen to be a DIE HARD!!!! Cowboys fan and I was embarassed as hell by what happened on Sunday night AND by what happened the week before in Dallas.

    Bradie JAMES!!!! You have some nerve!!!! Now you wanna play some defense??? Against a fat out-of-shape fan who’s just voicing his opinion??? You guys showed absolutely NO heart or pride on the field and now your coward butt wants to rough up a fan for wearing a sign??? Why didn’t you rough up Brian Westbrook when he was running all over your a@# ? I hope he sues you.

    Sit down Bradie James!!!


    That was funny. Too bad no one thought to bring a camcorder. That’s definitely a ‘YouTube’ moment.

  • Mike the Tiger

    His name is Bradie James and he is a very nice laid back guy…



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