Life Imitating Art: Celebrities Who Ended Up In Real Beefs With Real Gangs

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Celebrities Who Fought Gangs

When you’re famous, it’s pretty easy to forget that real life can come crashing down all around you. When you’re rich and famous, those streets can come calling quick, fast, and in a hurry. These rappers and superstars must have forgotten or never left their ties back in the streets, so they got in some serious beef with real gangs.

Not something you want to play with.

50 Cent –
Before fully reaching stardom, 50 had a run-in with his past and got shot nine gruesome times. Of course, he survived.

Rick Ross – All this running around like a boss has peeved off quite a few GDs that have caused Rozay to actually cancel his whole tour. Rruh.

Lil Wayne – A few Crips filmed a video where they surrounded his car and threatened to take him out. Yikes.

The Game – He’s been out trying to beat up gang members on flipcams and posting it online like police don’t exist. Genius.

Beanie Sigel – He got cornered and allegedly shot while being robbed by a rival Philly crew a few years back. Broad Street Bully didn’t want that.

Suge Knight – Then this happened to Suge…couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

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    Yung Berg – He just popped off about his chain and every gang member across the country made it a point to steal his chain…and they succeeded time and time again.

    Young Jeezy – He’s always been rumored to be an integral part of the Black Mafia but the less said about that the safer it is for all of us. We don’t know s***!

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