Random Ridiculousness: BET Hip Hop Awards

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The BET Hip Hop Awards were this weekend, and the stars were out in style on the red carpet, like Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones of the Jena 6. Look at them rollin up to the hip hop awards and kickin it at after parties like the Jena 6 is a rap group or something.

Even more interesting characters from the BET Hip Hop Awards right about now…

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  • MissOMyGoodnezz

    They need to stop before YT sees them out and says they were violating probation…



  • Me

    Why is Trina looking like Michael Jackson?? Someone need to teach Lil Mama how to smile for pics

  • jill

    Are you serious ? Come on! Why in the world are any of the boys from Jena 6 attending the BET awards? I seriously hope that this does not reach mainstream media. For these kids to be at the award show is just disgusting. They are not reality stars. Their parents should be ashamed. By simply attending the show they are making light of their situation, and underminding all of the work that was done for justice. These kids are an embarrasment.

  • me

    at the very least, the two boys from Jena could have had on some suits or something that doesn’t look hood-sparkly-tastic. perhaps they don’t understand the magnitude of their situation. i;m sure they didn’t see it as making light of their plight but that is def how it looks

  • Traycee

    “Random Ridiculousness”??? Ain’t NOTHING random about these ppl looking like HAMs!

  • Cx

    Jill I completely agree with you. But I’m afraid it will probably get to the mainstream media. FOX News is gonna eat this up. Yikes and yeuch. Do they not realise how they are making light of their situation, as though the whole mess down in Jena has helped them get famous and that is all they wanted. Wow. Where are the parents? And why did BET invite them in the first place? They are not stars.

  • Kel

    All of these pictures are an embarassment!!!

  • Me

    I heard BET had the guys present an award at the show.

  • TrueTarheel

    Lil Mama is giving one of those smiles that folks give when their teeth are jacked up. Looks like she is trying her hardest not to show those damn teeth.

  • fedup

    these pics are just unfortunate! I mean I must pose the same question where was the sylist?!!! Geesh, get it together. And come on Jena 6, yall aint superstars, what the hell, SMH. At least wear a suit lil boys, damn.

  • Dolla Bill

    LOL @ Katt Williams…WTF!!! What’s up with the noose on his neck??? SMH Anything for a laugh I guess. Must be a prop for some routine I hope cuz he’s one of my favorites.

  • Storm

    The Jena 6 guys presented an award and they talked a little about the whole situatation in Jena, La. Lay off those boys, they have been through enough.

  • Setting the Record Straight

    so what? lol

    they just kids. what? their lives has to be governed by the movement?

    not everybody wants to be a Al sharpton and jesse jackson!!

  • Bronx Brawler

    Y r they dressed like Jim Jones? with the extra small sizes that’s a bigger issue than them attending the award show!!!!

  • wifey

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that these boys were not representing themselves in the best light given the severity of the situation they are in. I know they are kids who are trying to live it up in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet their favorite celebrities, but I agree that they should have dressed a little more conservatively.

    The WORLD is watching them right now and deciding whether or not they should they be sympathetic to them or are they really thugs. This is not a good look right now. Common sense, people. Do we have any?

  • Prince Donte

    I”m so over these black people that feel that these boys should be defined like this it so unfair that they have to be if they were dressed up in suits people would be like oh there living it up and not suffering at all then they won’t get any sympathy

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspot.com Bird

    Man I couldn’t believe these Jena negroes was at the award show and after party. I guess we want to corrupt them as much as humanly possible. They are mere teenagers out there tryin to stunt like ballers. Be on the lookout for the rap album or reality show. That will put the final nails in the coffins of All and Jessie.

  • holla

    thay all look like a bunch of bums with designer glasses.

  • Malcolm

    I thought the same thing as mentioned earlier, why couldn’t they have at least dressed like gentlemen. I hope that our support for them is not misguided.

  • http://rtkzradio.com Roosevelt

    Unfortunately, the “Jena 6” boys will probably form a rap group, riding the tidal wave of their 15 seconds of fame. You would think that an experience like theirs would humble them, give them a new sense of purpose… I could be reaching here, as I am not perfect, but I’d be willing to wager that they have gained little to no real value from their experience. But should we expect every “freed slave” to become an educated and representative anti-slavery activist? Probably not. Unfortunately, “free” also mean “free” to act a fool if you like.


  • Licia

    Why? I mean really…Katt what were you thinking about putting a noose around your neck? Is that what’s hot now? Cause, apparently Jena 6 didn’t think so. But of course they are there stunnin like the shyt didn’t happen. So much for progress.

  • neekah

    I agree with you 100% Davis. I have no words. It’s a shame and I know all our ancestors who fought so we could have moments like this are turning over in their graves looking at what their people have become. A noose as a necklace? I’m done.

  • NAIS

    lmao @ hood-sparkly-tastic

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