Elsewhere In The World: Swedish Schoolchildren Banned From Dressing Up Like Gingerbread Men For School Play Out Of Fear Costumes Will Be Deemed Racist

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At least someone had sense enough to know this coulda been a bad look.

Via UK’s Daily Mail:

Schoolchildren in Sweden have been banned from dressing up as gingerbread men for a Christmas parade because their teachers fear the costumes could be considered racist.

Youngsters from a primary school in Laxa told their parents they had been ordered not to wear the outfits for the St Lucia celebrations on Thursday.

Traditionally, children dress as either St Lucia, or gnomes, stars, or gingerbread men for the candle-lit parade.

But heartbroken 10-year-old Mio Simiv was told he could not wear his gingerbread man costume to the celebration because it might be seen as ‘offensive’.

Angry mum Jenny Simiv told local media: ‘I thought he had to have got it wrong so I called the school and they said people might find a brown gingerbread character offensive.

I said, well then my son won’t participate. He won’t support some Klan procession – because that’s what the little Lucias look like when they all come in with white hoods and white dresses.’

A school spokesman blamed the row on a ‘misunderstanding’.

District schools head Marghareta Zetterlund claimed: ‘The children and their teachers chose the songs for the parade and they didn’t chose the gingerbread boy song, so there will be no gingerbread boys.

‘We don’t serve gingerbread cookies because of possible nut allergies. I can’t comment on who might find the costumes offensive,’ she added.

But Mrs Simiv said: ‘This is not what we were told at all. There was no misunderstanding, this is just an excuse.’

‘Why should they remove these things from a traditional celebration just because someone might be offended? You could turn that around and ask, “Why are we removing it? Aren’t brown people like us, or what? Can’t they participate?”‘

There’s a video of the traditional St. Lucia parade below and you can see the upset mother wasn’t wrong about those hoods. SMH.

Sweden is the same country where that awful politician made news for laughing about eating that blackface cake last year.

Do you think the school overreacted or were they right to play it safe by not including gingerbread men in their celebration?

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