Banger Dynasties: The Hottest Famous Families In The Game

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Hottest Famous Families

God is quite real. Instead of giving us one banger, he lets them have siblings and cousins and moms that are just as banging. It’s a glorious miracle. To show thanks and praise for the glory of having more than one banger in one family, we’ll take a look at families with some of the most beautiful blood lines.

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The Knowles Family
Notable Bangers: Beyonce, Tina, Solange

The Kardashians
Notable Bangers: Kim, Kourtney

The Braxtons
Notable Bangers: Toni and Tamar

The Govans
Notable Bangers: Gloria and Laura

The Ross’
Notable Bangers: Tracee Ellis and Diana

The Lozadas
Notable Bangers: Evelyn and Shaniece

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    The Middletons
    Notable Bangers: Pippa and Kate (and James for the ladies out there)

    The Cruz Sisters
    Notable Bangers: Penelope and Monica

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