GTFOHWTBS: White House Ignores Texas Petition To Secede From United States

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Everything is bigger in Texas…which might be why they continue to get a big ole’ ‘Ho Sit Down’ from the POTUS..

White House Ignores Texas Petition To Secede From United States

Super-salty GOP officials in Texas might as well have a seat, a coke and smile while they wait for President Obama to show any signs of ‘give a fawk’ about their request to officially separate themselves from the United States (despite Texas gov. Rick Perry’s opposition) in light of his re-election. ‘Cause he has better things to do and is making that clear without even having said a word.

via ABC News

Texas is waiting for President Obama’s reaction to a petition demanding it be allowed to secede from the United States.

They may have to keep waiting.

Sunday marked the last day for Texas’ petition to secede from the union to gather 25,000 digital signatures, the number needed to warrant a response from the White House.
The virtual petition achieved that goal four weeks ago. Now it’s up to 119,209, but still no word from the Oval Office.

A White House official told ABC News in November that it would respond to the petition, following a procedure that demands they address any entry to the “We the People” site that rallies the requisite amount of support. On Friday, the White House said they had no prediction for when they might put out at statement.

Dear Texas, good luck with getting a secession approved when your own Governor doesn’t even support the effort. SMH.

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