Po’ Lil Tink Tink: Katt Williams’ Friends Claim His Is Mentally Ill And Suffering From Bi-Polar Disorder Not On Drugs

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like it ain’t the drugs

Katt Williams Has Mental Illness

In 2008 Katt Williams was committed to a psychiatric hospital after a manic episode similar to what he’s been experiencing this past ast month. By now, you’ve seen the stories around the internet involving Katt and his erratic behavior. Over the past few months, he’s pulled a gun out on actor Faizon Love, led cops on a high speed chase while riding a three-wheeler and even pimp slapped a Target employee.

Now a close friend of the comedian says Katt needs to go back to the hospital for treatment…

Via NecoleBitchie reports:

I used to be a part of Katt Williams’ camp and I would like to remain anonymous. I am really hoping you post this. I know his girlfriend (who needs just as much help as he does) searches for this stuff online and shows it to him. Katt has outcasted EVERYONE who cares about him for trying to help him. He is NOT on drugs which is what the public thinks. Katt was diagnosed Bi-Polar Schizophrenic back in 2008 after he did a two week stretch in the mental institution.

If you do your research as to when things start happening with him every year it’s around the same time. Oct – Jan he is in a MANIC DEPRESSIVE state and he is not on any meds. Don’t get me wrong he’s mentally ill 365 days a year however starting around October and ending around January he goes through SERIOUS trouble. There is NO ONE around him who will get him any help. Everyone with him is either just as crazy as he is, or milking him for his money because he spends frivolously when he is like this then blames other people for stealing after he semi-snaps back to reality!

The friend shared more about Katt and his mental health…

I say all this to say this…. Katt really needs help and the media feeding into this is not going to get him help it only makes him more angry. If you don’t believe anything I’m saying, please google bi-polar disorder and look at the symptoms/side affects/etc. You’ll see it fits Katt to a T. His godfather got him committed but his parents got him out saying that they would get him to CA and get him some help and never did.

He has four children still in his custody and they are the REAL victims here. He’s taken them out of school for 2 years. They are witnessing his erratic behavior and they’re soon going to need help as well. I love Katt and i want to see him get better and do better, if for nothing, more for those children. It’s not drugs! Katt needs a psychiatrist ASAP! None of his celebrity friends are around because they all see his behavior and have said something to him, so he’s outcasted them too. so

Sometimes people with bi-polar have a tendency to fall into illicit drugs instead of the medication they are SUPPOSED to be taking (case in point, Bobby Brown, Maia Campbell, etc..)

Nonetheless, whoever wrote that email is a good friend and shared some good information. Mental illness is all too often swept under the rug in the Black community and we just don’t take it seriously. We hope Katt gets the medical help he needs!

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