Flyin’ High: Mexico Smugglers Shoot Drugs Across U.S. Border With A Cannon

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Smugglers Shoot Drugs Across U.S. Border From Mexico Witn A Cannon

A group of secret squirrel smugglers failed to complete their mission when they fired soup cans full of that ooooo-wee over the U.S. border and left it to be picked up….but it wasn’t.

ABC News

Drug smugglers continue to show creativity in inventing new ways of getting drugs across the U.S. border from Mexico.

Border Patrol agents say they believe a pneumatic cannon was used to launch dozens of containers of marijuana over the border and 500 feet into Arizona on Friday. Eighty-five pounds of marijuana — tucked into soup cans and then inserted into larger sealed containers — were found in a field near the Colorado River in San Luis, Arizona.

The smugglers launched the drug-filled projectiles from a position in a brushy area immediately south of the border fence. According to authorities, an accomplice was probably supposed to collect the containers but did not show up in time.

Sounds like these guys might’ve been blazin up on their own supply. Fail.

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