Lil Kim Gets Out of Pocket with Biggie’s Mom and Faith

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Posted by Bossip Staff

In the upcoming Hip-Hop Weekly Two-Year Anniversary Issue, Lil Kim talks about putting Ms. Wallace on blast, and Faith responds about Kim’s portrayal in the new Notorious movie:

Hip Hop Weekly’s Two-Year Anniversary issue
hits the stands this week with exclusive interviews from Lil Kim, who takes
issue with the way she’s portrayed in the new Fox Searchlight film based on
the life of rapper Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace, Notorious, Faith
Evans, and former Biggie producers Easy Mo Bee and Stevie J.

Lil Kim sounds off on Faith Evans and Ms. Wallace: “I’ve had enough and I’m
about to expose them both… I’ve been quiet for a long time.” “I’m very disappointed in Faith… There’s nothing Faith or Ms. Wallace could do to stop me from reppin’ B.I.G. all day. I’m gonna always do that… It’s time for Ms. Wallace to be exposed.”

Faith Evans responds to Lil Kim’s comments: “As far as the film goes, I was neither a writer nor producer of the film. I really had nothing to do with it at all…Maybe she thinks that, but that’s incorrect. It’s Ms. Wallace’s project…”

We feel Lil Kim has signed her own death certificate. Going at the late great Biggie’s mom does not seem like a sound business move, and Faith is still trying to keep it classy, despite Kim’s attempt at a war of words. Kim has been “On-One” since BIG left. First Plastic Surgery, now this. SMH

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  • A.C


  • Make sure yo butt is on that plastic!

    please Kim,

    at the end of the day, you were a floozy azz husband chaser.

    you chased after a man who didnt give two twinkies about you and left you all alone with your aborted child.

    leave the MOTHER and WIFE of Biggy alone and go touch up your face

  • beclear

    Kim was not a husband chaser per say. Her relationship with Big preceded Fayes

  • KC

    I can’t wait to see this movie. It’s either going to be really good or really bad. I hope they didn’t let Diddy get too involved. We all know he has a big problem with taking things too far being EXTRA

  • moi

    Make sure yo butt is on that plastic!

    please Kim,

    at the end of the day, you were a floozy azz husband chaser.

    you chased after a man who didnt give two twinkies about you and left you all alone with your aborted child.

    leave the MOTHER and WIFE of Biggy alone and go touch up your face

    LMAO – well put

    ummmmm – Big and Kim came up together…

  • LashanLovesDior

    Kim dealt with Biggie long before Faith.
    Biggie did the typical black man thing and he wanted the so called “prettier light skinned” girl over the girl who would always stay true. Faith is a money hungry ho who made sure she got pregnant so she would be financially secure for life. Leave Lil Kim alone despite her surgery she done nothing wrong and having surgery ain’t no ones business, besides Faith is the alleged Crack head!

  • moi

    Is you crazy?
    HARDCORE is a classic…


    Once a jump off..always a jump off…Kim your 2 seconds of fame are over …go get a new noise or dye your face again…funny how someone who thinks so much of herself continues to show the world how much she hates her face ..

  • Re

    I mean, damn, if she loved B.I.G that much, than why do you have to, “expose” her, hypothetically speaking if she DID have some dirt on her?

    It’s childish…

  • Re

    I used to respect her rap game…smh.

  • beclear

    Kim and Big are from the same block. Big met and married Faye quick fast and in a hurry (2 weeks).

    Faye had more $ than Big, she had already been writing for folks.

    Big pushed Kim’s album back when she found out about Tiffany, because she flipped out when she found out about her. Big kept KIM in line, with threats on her career.

  • pm

    A lil Kim tell all book with be a best seller.

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    Yall can say what yall want but Lil Kim Hardcore joint was fire and The Naked Truth was too!! Didnt get much play but that joint stayed in my CD player. ‘I know you see me’ was my SHIIIITTT!!!

    U thought you were a prositute before you listened to it and thats probably why you copped it…lets keep it real or shut up Bitttchhhh…

  • Aura

    What exactly does she have to confront Ms. Wallace and Faith about? She was Biggie’s side chick, and that’s how she was portrayed. End of story. At the end of the day, if she starts talking reckless, she’s going to look crazy. Let it go, Kim.

  • Afiya - 20 Years today

    Kim better watch out…Faith been wanting to beat that ass again!!!

  • Celebs Are Fake

    Half of yall on here talking about Kim is a side chick….so watch your mouths! SMH And yes, Lil Kim should write a book.

  • pat



    I used to like Kim and Im sure she is holding alot of info she hasn’t let out, there are two sides to a story they say….and if this was from BIG’s moms point of view im sure she did not have a good view of Kim…who would.


    Kim need to come out with

    “the diary of a side chick”


  • marcus


  • Make sure yo butt is on that plastic!

    and yall are right about how Diddy ain’t never been big since Biggy died.

    only thing really going for him is his clothing line

  • Jewish Baby

    why do black people worship this fat porker?

  • BrutallyHonest

    @ Make sure you butt is on that plastic

    Diddy is worth over 350 million dollars, partly due to that “clothing line” you speak of. Diddy is bigger now than he was then, if you knew anything about the business of entertainment you’d know that.

    Biggie didn’t make Diddy, it was the other way around. I’m sad he’s gone, but his fat ass wouldn’t be relevant if he were still alive.

  • S&J

    I wish everybody would let bygones be bygones. Kim, keep your head up!

  • bk

    Looks like BIG played them all, ghetto typical. Can’t figure out why he married Faith if he had no intention on being loyal to her had no respect for their marriage, whatsoever and she was not a part of his click. Kim not sure why she felt she was his ride or die if he can f*ck you while he is married to someone else chances are he will never even bother pretending to wife you, furthermore considering her jump off status she should of mourned him quietly and Charlie – well nothing about her. Mrs Wallace also ghetto typical, put her son up on a pedestal like he did no wrong. I am sorry for her loss but she comes off as someone who blames everybody else for choices her son made. People busy looking at the spin Big put on all these women, had them all in a mass state of confusion about who they were to him and if he was alive today it would be one of those smoke screen scenerios, all his boys he rolled with back them are a whole group of fun boys and cant tell me they just all got together and bonded over their grief where the hell did he fit into all that?

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