What Real Beautiful Brazilian Black Women Look Like: Meet Raquel Villar, Nanda Lisboa, Fabiana Claudino, Aline Prado, And More [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

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After those Bumbum contest you wouldn’t have thought that Brazil has a bigger Black population than America, huh? Well, meet thee banging models we dug up for you all to enjoy… Raquel Villar, Nanda Lisboa, Sheron Menezes, and more… take a ride and turn the pages…geeks!


This is Raquel Villar…

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raquel villar

This chick needs to try her luck in the States…


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Meet the banging Nanda Lisboa… what a freak!



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Nanda, Nanda, Damn… Nanda!

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Now this is the gorgeous Sheron Menezes

sheron menezes

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This Sheron is something else…

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    fabiana claudino

    Fabiana Claudino is on the Brazil Volleyball team who won the  Gold Medal.

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    fabiana claudino2


    She’s most def a banger!

    aline prado3

    This Aline Prado is the best dancer they got in Brasil!

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    aline prado2

    That Aline is something for the eyes to enjoy…

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    Taís Araújo1

    Taís Araújo3

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    Taís Araújo is last…but most def not least!!!

    youtube blackwomenofbrazil

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