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Jill Scott, Janet Jackson, and Tyler Perry all have good reason to be smiling. Why Did I Get Married? debuted this weekend bringing in $21.5 million killing all it’s competitors in the box office with “The Game Plan” starring The Rock coming in second with $11.5 million.

This may be a sign for Janet to give it up on the music thing, and start rolling with Tyler Perry on the acting front.


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  • Traycee

    Congrats to them!

  • Setting the Record Straight

    according to the news, they said that Tyler Perry already had a fan base to add to regular movie goers. lol

    its funny how his movie bumped those other hyped up movies. Blacks run the entertainment buisness. we shut down music charts, and movie charts.

    i wonder if there is a dance chart? lmao

  • Bahama Mama


  • brooklynchick

    i seen this movie and it was good!!! the play was great i knew da movie would be good..

  • Bahama Mama

    it was number#1 and it didn’t even play on that many screens….

  • Shasta

    I’m glad they are on top!

    Janet take some acting lessons cause you put me to sleep..and what was up with the ponytail throughout the movie?

  • sexiichar

    It is an excellent movie and a refreshing change from the usual ‘black’ movies that give us a bad name – (ie- Norbit, Whose your caddy, etc).

    Also, I noticed a nice crowd of white folk in the seats as well…

  • Bird

    What do you mean rolling with Tyler? Like she needs to do a bunch of Tyler films? I don’t think so. She is not that great an actress anyway. The movie was very good though.

  • daria

    Yay. Wow. Go Dwayne and Tyler. The Rock can get it any time.

    Janet is looking bulimic. Fast weight drop and puffy face? Rene Zellwegger written all over this. Eating issues are truly life long.

  • Bahama Mama




  • Traycee

    You know you gotta send out an APB for my ass!

  • Mahogany

    Tyler Perry has the prettiest lips.

    that is all.

    I know someone’s gonna say he’s geigh, I’m just stating that his lips are nice.


  • Creole Princess

    This movie was great, I saw it Friday night and Sunday. Congrats to them all.

  • Delta Diva

    The movie was so good! Angela was my favorite character!!!!! Tyler Perry did his thing, big ups to him and the rest of the cast!

  • Bahama Mama


    wyclef 2…get there….lol

  • weezy

    Good movie, blacks need to shut up during movies. There was an argument during the opening credits at the theater I went to.

  • Lady Architect

    Loved the movie sooooo much…Didn’t really like the play, but the movie did it for me.Great choice of actors and story line! He’s a genius.

  • cogic man

    The movie was wonderful I think the whole cast was great job Janet,Jill Scott,Tasha Smith,Sharon Leal

    did soooooo Good I loved it!! tyler was acting

  • shawn

    daria shut the hell up.. she is no where bulimic.. IT’s called eating right and working dumbass.. some of yall just love to hate on janet for no reason.. IT’s a damn shame..

  • Guilty Pleasure

    This was a great movie!!!! “Angela” was a trip…she was the BEST part of the movie.

  • JoyfullyArrogant

    I like Tyler Perrry just because….he’s not the

    “Wayans”; the Wayans keep putting out garbage that are just plain racially humiliating…and too many people in the community support them.

  • classysophisticatedchic

    Yes, I have to agree that the movie was great! I loved “Angela”! She kept it real! The characters reminded me of people that I know personally; especially the chick who insisted on being with the men! Reminded me of this one woman who insisted on being in men’s conversation, who had the likes for MY HUSBAND! I put her ass in her place, though! LOL!

  • Hotsauce

    I loved loved loved the movie, Janet’s acting was piss poor

  • piscesprincess

    This movie was so good! Definately Tyler Perry’s best work. I loved the entire cast (and the fur coats!)

  • yo

    Great movie… one of his best yet… I hope he keeps putting out movies like this.. T Perry is killing it right now.

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