Twitter Files: Joe Budden’s Rarely-Clothed Girlfriend Kaylin Garcia Put On Blast For Dissing Muslim Woman’s Headwrap!

- By Bossip Staff

If you date Joe Budden, you better be ready to date some drama…

Joe Budden’s Girlfriend Kaylin Garcia Gets Twitter Backlash For Dissing Muslim Woman

Joe Budden’s girlfriend has been the object of affection, jealousy, and hate ever since her never-ending stream of Instagram pictures were thrust upon us this summer. Since her romance with Joe has blossomed, we have seen NUMEROUS pics of the happy couple in the strip club makin’ it rain and cuddling with a$$-tastic dancers.

Apparently in 2012 there are a lot of women that are still uptight about going to strip club with their man, and that has led to a gang of comments and tweets crucifying the “Zumba instructor” for being a slore, a hoe, and everything but a child of God.

One such incident popped off yesterday when Kaylin dissed a muslim woman who criticized her for being “a hoe”

Wow…well, as you might imagine, Kaylin’s mentions were in utter shambles after her followers got a look at her insensitive retweet.

Hit the flipper to see the avalanche of anger that slid through Kaylin’s timeline.

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