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Rumors are swirling around that Lauryn Hill is pregnant with her fifth child with Rohan Marley. Although a new baby is usually a “joyous occasion” this just seems like it’s more fuel to Lauryn’s downward spiral fire. Now she’ll be taking care of five kids solo while that shady Rohan character is living the single life in Ethopia. Poor thang.


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    AND 1ST….

  • Baby Please

    Love the picture.



  • Andrew

    Bless her soul. She is the poster child for condoms.

  • daria

    That must be some great sex. This HAM is addickted.

  • Royal Chocolate

    Oh well, they’ve got plenty of money for another one and she probably knew he was a dog when she married him.

  • txshawty

    ah crap, Lauren.

    Drock…tell them to come send for me, lol.

  • JJ


  • Shasta

    She is dressed like Stanley or Ollie.

  • catfish

    I’m jealous. His dick reaches from Ethiopia. Damn.


    MIchael Jackson… the Wiz.

  • Bahama Mama

    TX. i did send for u….wyclef 2

  • J

    She looks like a clown.

  • Aphatty

    Damn – five children will be affected by her crazy.

    What happened to you Lauren???

  • J

    I need her to write an autobiography so that we can know what went wrong. Is she on rocks? We need to know so that we can blame this behavior on something.

  • nono

    what tha hell is he doing in ethiopia!

  • The Real Essence 1

    HAs anyone ever thought that Lauren Hill suffers from POST PARDON DEPRESSION?!

    She had her 1st three kids back to back the changes in hormones often cause women to “bug out” same thing for Britney Spears but of coarse Spears gets a pass right?

  • jen

    Does anyone know that one of his 7 children is by Laurne Hills Cousin? She should chalk it up he is never going to marry her? That is why she is just plain ole crazy those kids are probably making her nuts.

  • Apple

    lol.@ that PIC

    She definitely looks like she has post pardon depression..but of course one cares ..And Brit is getting the same treatment ..Cuz she’s a crazy nut 2.

  • Mactanque

    she looks funny full gallery!

  • hey

    I guess it’s true what they say, “There is a fine line between genius and insanity.”

  • Dolla Bill

    Dayum….I didn’t know she had kids like that!! I though it was maybe 2 or 3.

  • The Real Essence 1

    @ Jen

    Yes Lauren went behind her cousins back & scooped up her sloppy seconds I also heard the cousin is still getting the fat off the bacon from Rohan too! So there’s alot tormenting Lauren these day’s.

    What does this Kat look like in the 1st place to be having so many women flocking him? Rohan apparently has other kids by different women too!

  • littleinsane

    When the hell did she have 4 children? I only thought it was 2— selah and Zion???

  • Bronx Brawler

    Homey the clown don’t play that

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