Ratch-Aerobics: Draya Michele Says The Secret To A Bangin’ Bawwwdy Is “Having Lots Of Sex On Your Back”

- By Bossip Staff

Bustin’ it open to burn calories? Draya says yes.

Draya Michele Reveals How She Keeps Her Stomach Flat

BBW LA banger Draya Michele has never been one to bite her tongue about her wildchild lifestyle, but one of her Twitter followers might have gotten a little more than expected recently when they asked her how she keeps her hard body in tip top shape.

Of course, Draya COULD have just been joking but, we wouldn’t be too surprised if she wasn’t since there’s usually no shame in her game.

Do you think Draya needs to tone down her public image for the sake of young girls that pay attention to her, or should she be free to be a 20-something freakazoid since she’s young, gettin’ it and minding her own business?

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