Scary Spice is Taking Eddie Murphy to Court

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Melanie Brown has set a court date of November 14 of this year to make sure Eddie Murphy’s deadbeat ass takes care of little Angel Iris Murphy Brown. We all know that Eddie’s financial situation is more than enough to assist in taking care of this baby. He needs to man up and provide for his child. A friend of Scary Spice says that Eddie even refuses to see the baby. SMH.


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  • NAIS

    what a big gummed small (yellow) toothed loser

  • lacyd

    He should at least try to see the baby.

  • Aphatty

    What the hell is wrong with that fools teeth?

    I see a sign that says “Next Tooth, One Mile”

  • BB

    he should at least try to whiten them teeth too. He looks like his breath stinks.

  • Yeti

    I can understand why people would side with Mel B…Eddie does need to pay up. But at the same time I wouldn’t say Mel B. is a great role model as well. Remember…she was the one hiding the fact she was MARRIED when she first was taking Eddie to court. I ain’t siding with anyone so don’t get me wrong.

    Where hip-hop and Hollywood collide

  • Bronx Brawler

    Eddie only likes transgender looking ladies. Get the doe Mel B. Eddie has to pay for his stupity.

  • Leah

    Wow that little girl is growing fast. Eww look at Eddie’s teeth.

  • Apple

    damn..@ Eddies teeth..He has Lupe fiasco’s smile…except more yellow.

  • AND...

    Typical black man not taking care of his responsiblities and adding to the “no good black man”. what else is new?


    How do we really know how true this is? “A friend of Scary Spice” who the hell is this friend? Lets not judge Eddie until we know the truth. We all know Mel B can be trifleing as hell

  • Mahogany

    I can’t keep up w/ all this baby daddy and the mama drama.

    Now I’m rhyming.

  • Bahama Mama

    awww, he shouldn’t take it out on the little one, she didn’t ask to be here…

  • me

    regardless of what Mel B did [lying about her marriage, etc] or didn’t do, there is still an innocent child involved that deserves two parents. if one of them doesn’t want to take an active role, then playing the passive role through financial support is the least that can and should be done. i really hope that he isn’t refusing to see his child. punishing her for the dumb choices he made [running up in Mel raw] is totally shameful and undeserved. if i were his fiancee and this were true, i don’t think i could marry him.

  • SMDH!!

    Typical black man..

  • Kee

    Eddie’s “dick loving” ass is so sucky!

  • Tikki

    Since when being married is something negative? So what if she hid it. Maybe that was something she wanted to keep quiet until she was ready to announce it. On the other hand She chose to put Eddie on blast for trying to lie and act like he was never serious with her. As much as he denied that the baby was his and danced around with taking the paternity test, Melanie was proven the victor. I would have put his a$$ on blast too. The fact that the baby was proven to be his and he has yet to see her or provide anything financially is just says alot about his character as a man and as a human being. That no good MONGREL. So I were to pick a side, the woman that got married, or the deadbeat dad that denied his child and refuses to take care her….I’d pick the woman that got married.

  • http://yahoo obi

    ihope mel B learns from this.woman dont be a tart, u are only getting what u deserve.

  • jen

    If he doesn’t want to pay child suppport do you really expect him to fix his teeth? I don’t understand these celebs with money and bad teeth. Jermaine, Eddie and a whole slue of others. Give me the money I know what to do with it. Yes he is triffiling he is upset because Scary exposed his gay lifestyle. He has gotten away with it for years. Now that there is actual proof he is a tad bit upset.

  • http://yahoo obi

    who cares about eddys teeth?

  • wildernetii

    this crap is a smear tactic designed to create bad press for eddie, I would not go near that tacky lying ho if I was him either. little Angel is so young, she won’t remember it anyway, but it does keep mel getting “good” press for herself.

    through the courts, eddie can request a court monitor bring Angel for visits, he does not have to set foot near her hoe-ness at all.

    eddie and all men should take more responsibility for their sexual health and birth control, but take care of the kids as well. never trust a woman when she says it taken care of, put a hat on fellas.

  • Keeping It Real

    These broads on this board kill me….They can’t wait to vilify a man like the woman is always the victim. Give me a break. Scary Broad or whatever her name is is no saint. The only thing I fault Eddie for is not wearing a condom. Now the spice chick can go out in public to take a picture or two with the baby for publicity and sympathy, then she can let the nanny raise it so she can “dance with the stars”…lol…The only victim is the child….yall take this gossip website likes its gospel…who knows where this information comes from and whether its true or not…..its funny to me though reading how personal females takes this stuff…Ill continue to read the ignorance on this board for laughs and throw a comment or two in when I feel the need…LOL….

  • Micheal Prince

    Wow, Eddie, I feel your pain. There is NOTHING like having a baby by someone you can’t stand. Especially if she’s triflin’…

  • elle

    Okay was he NOT in the room WITHOUT A CONDOM?

  • MrsThreatt

    OMG, I never noticed how bad his mouth looks… you would think with all that money he would hook that mouth up with some veneers or somthin!

  • VanGogh

    I wished she used Elizabeth Hurley as a role model in this instance, when faced with a doubting father,Elizabeth returned to England. There, with supporting friends and family got and started to rasise her baby. When Steve Bing accepted the fact that he is the father and offered to pay child support she publicly refused. She was the essence of dignity. Mel B shold follow suit. He dose not want to see the child, fine, Who Cares?

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