SMH: Newtown Church Evacuated After Prank Caller Threatened To “Finish The Job” And Kill More Children During Memorial Service Rehearsal

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This guy just took the term ‘aint isht’ to the highest level possible

Newton Church Prank Caller Threatens To ‘Finish The Job’ During Memorial Service Rehearsal For Victims

Police in the Newton community certainly have their hands full dealing with the terrible events that occurred on Friday morning, but some scumbag decided to add to the chaos by making a threatening prank call to a Newton church while residents were gathered to rehearse for a memorial service in honor of the young Sandy Hook elementary school shooting vicims.

via NY Post

They can’t even mourn in peace.

A heartbreaking Sunday Mass — and a rehearsal for a Christmas pageant set to memorialize the tiny victims of the Connecticut school rampage — were abruptly canceled yesterday after a sick prankster called in a bogus threat to come and “finish” shooter Adam Lanza’s heinous work, authorities said.

Parishioners at St. Rose of Lima in Newtown had just begun the service when Monsignor Robert Weiss ordered everyone to leave at around 12:30 p.m.

“There’s been a threat made against the church,” he told the more than 400 churchgoers. “I need everyone to evacuate.”

As parishioners flooded out, about 30 kids rehearsing the annual Christmas play in a nearby building were also evacuated.

The anonymous caller threatened to “finish the job the other guy didn’t,” a priest at the church confirmed last night.

The caller said, “I’m coming to kill,” according to The New York Times.

Who would even think to do this after such a horribly sad and tragic incident that took the lives of innocent children?? Disgusting.

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