Fill in The Blank: Kim at the KUWTK Premiere

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The very virgin-looking Kim Kardashian hit up an event in Hollyweird last night and also hosted the premiere of her new reality show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ last week.

Star NFL running back, Reggie Bush, is still with Kim Kardashian because_______________________.

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  • thatgirl



    He has blue balls

  • thatgirl

    He’s with her because she is a stank ho.


    Naw he did good yesterday against the Seattle Seahawks. She may be a hoe but you cant change the fact that she is A true DYME!!!

  • Apple

    I knew this post was coming..

  • Bahama Mama

    Star NFL running back, Reggie Bush, is not playing well this season because_______________________.

    Second year drought?? ohhhh ohhh ohhh, are suppose to crack on kim k???

  • iforgotmyname

    Star NFL running back, Reggie Bush, is still with Kim Kardashian because “she gave him the HIV”

  • elle

    because ………..his team sucks!!

  • Zara

    she looks dirty.

  • alicyclic

    he hits it as hard as he wants

  • duhh

    ….because used goods are cheaper than new goods.

  • mermaid

    because her milkshake brings “ALL” the boys to the yard.

  • Traycee

    well, she IS pretty….even though it’s all fake

  • me

    cause she is bootyful….

  • yeah I said It

    What’s HOT about looking like a man in drag person, who just walk off the set of gang bang # 12

  • Emily

    get a body like kim at

  • tealeaf

    These are HQ pics of Kim and she looks like a drag queen with all that heavy makeup, baby hairs,and long face. Her sister Kourtney is prettier.


    I”m so mad at Reggie for messing with this scuzz bucket but that explains his 1-5 record with the Saints…

    Anywho I was giving Ms. Kardashian the benefit of the doubt about whether or not her assets are real….she made a comment saying her sisters and other fems in her fam are stacked like her…well one of her sisters is super skinny and the other looks like Chyna doll…so I’m gone have to agree with the rest of America and assume she bought those assets that black men go crazy for…

  • Noah_Bennett

    …It’s not REGGIE BUSH (lucky guy) who likes being blown by trannies and drag queens…

    …You must be confusing him with Eddie Murphy

  • Apple

    EXACTLY @ Erica..

    And I wish they would..cuz this is tired..

  • Coop

    She’s fine.

  • Octavia

    I also agree this is tired.

    Yeah, the girl has had (a lot of) work done. Anyone who’s seen her h.s. pic knows this. Her nose, boobs, butt… all fake. Truth is, MOST celebs have done the same. Tracey Edmonds bought her nose. Trina is turning into Latoya Jackson. Lil Kim is a Lil Creature now. Beyonce gets whiter by the day. Solange bought her nose. Melyssa Ford and Supahead have implants. Meagan Good bought her boobs… even Salt and Peppa got nose jobs… it is ALL an illusion. That’s why fellas should stop putting pressure on their ladies to look like these girls… UNLESS they have the $$$ to make em that way.

  • Crystal

    That show was embarrassing last night. I posted before about wondering what Kim’s mother was like since she’s so loose and now I see where she gets it from. It’s like a ho ranch up in them hills. Even her little sisters were swinging from a stripper pole and making alcoholic drinks. They looked like the couldn’t be older than 12. I kind of feel sorry for the family because I don’t think they realize just how trashy they really are. I thought Paris was bad, but damn, Kim is just 1 of several tricks in her family.

  • DEEDY F.


  • Crystal

    RRJ, that’s the problem right there. All men like you think about is beating which is why Kim and the other females in her family obviously think they have to act like tricks to get attention from men. Maybe if people like you talked and looked at women like they weren’t just sexual objects, they wouldn’t carry themselves like a Kardashian and get the hate the receive. We’re just tired of seeing trash like this in the media all the time and you and I know damn well the only reason she got attention from the get go is because she’s always poking out her behind.

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