Doomsday Countdown: Top 10 End Of Days Essentials

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We doubt the world ends before Sallie Mae collects her past due payments but, if it does, we’ve compiled an essential list of items and celebrities you’d want with you when zombies fall from the Heavens and the sun explodes.

Here’s our first (and maybe last) annual end of days essentials list. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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Juicy J –

Saying YES to everything Juicy J CAN’T say NO to is everyone’s Top 5 fantasy. Mollie popping contest with Juicy J? Best end of the world activity ever.

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Cee-Lo –

A talented treasure elf/wizard to grant wishes, heal wounds, provide light in the darkness and lead enchanting carols in your last moments would be invaluable.

Morgan Freeman –

Morgan standing next to you, narrating the final moments of your life on film? Top 3 greatest honors anyone, dead or alive, could ever receive.

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album (and boom box) –

If you’re ever surrounded by zombies and start the “Thriller” dance routine, they’ll follow your lead. Whether this is true or not, you’ll find out Friday (or not).

Target popcorn –

All great men and women deserve to have their casket filled with the finest of Target popcorn kernels. Very few things in life are better than Target popcorn.

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Iyanla Vanzant –

Her uncanny ability to fix completely broken human beings in an hour is legendary. Shattered limbs, post-zombie battle conflicts and sammiches, Iyanla would fix them all.

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    Simply Lemonade –

    Sprinkled with heavenly crack particles and unicorn tears, Simply is easily one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. At world’s end, everyone must collect enough bottles to make a Simply waterfall and lake to swim in. It’s in the Bible.

    Big booty ho –

    Just because.

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    Girl Scout Cookies –

    God’s love and grace in an 8 oz. box. Perfect last snack before the last meal.

    Dr. Dre –

    “Detox” listening session/album release party. 12.21.12.

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