Bossip Presents Ask Dr. Mitch: I’m A Minute Man With My Girlfriend, How Can I Last Longer In Bed???

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Look Good, Feel Good and Have Great Sex!

Bossip welcomes Dr. Mitch, the ‘Doctor of The People’! He has 33 years of experience in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Mitch has written dozens of articles and is considered by the president of the largest organization of anti-aging physicians, A4M, with 23,000 plus doctors in over 113 countries, as “one as the top 20 physicians of this medicine in the world”.

Q: Dr. Mitch, I don’t last as long when I have sex with my girl, what can I do?”
Thanks Minute Man,

A: Dear Minute Man

You’re not alone! 30 million men suffer from similar problems, but the answer lies in one of several areas: First, the possible lack of blood flow to the penis, Second the nerves in your lower back may not be working correctly, Third, your hormones are not optimized especially testosterone and Fourth, there may be some physiological issues. Start with getting your blood tested! The types of Labs I suggest you can copy and write down to present to your health care provider, are on my website at Once you get the results feel free to upload them and send them to my email I will be glad to give you more information. The good news for the most part, we should be able to get you back to how you where 5-10 years ago.

We are proud to bring Dr. Mitch to our family here at Bossip so that he can answer any health or medical related questions you may have so he can teach us how to Look Good, Feel Good, and Have Great Sex! You may email your questions to as he personally answers all!

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