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The swirl couple ya’ll loved to hate in 2008, brought in the New Year in Las Vegas last night. Damn, is it just us, or does Kimmy look like she got that nose knifed up just a tad. Happy ’09!

Peep more photos of the ‘lovebirds’ and Khloe and her swirly boo when you…

Kim and Reggie out shopping:

Photos: Wireimage/WENN/Splash

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    And who cares? Happy New Year EVERYONE else………

  • King Jaffe Joe

    top 2

  • Mr. First

    First in the new year!

    09 Baby!

  • A New Year (and Texas is still gettin shit)

    More like a couple BOSSIP loved to hate..

  • A New Year (and Texas is still gettin shit)

    and happy new years everyone!

  • sweet

    Watch all the jealous sistahs start posting their hate.

  • King Jaffe Joe

    Happy New year

    A New Year (and Texas is still gettin shit)

    Mr. First


    Im out yall later

  • A New Year (and Texas is still gettin shit)

    Happy new year KJJ.

  • http://bossip betty boop

    can yo post some real celebirties dam

  • Mock Rock Star

    They seem to be happy, their always together and when I see her without him she’s usually by herself so I wish them the best

  • laney28

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

  • Proud ArmyWifee

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL WITH A BLESSED & PROSPEROUS ONE AT THAT! If he do marry her he better get a prenup. Yea she got her own stacks but I know she could use more.

  • therealest


  • A New Year (and Texas is still gettin shit)

    let them do what they do I always say.

  • Brush Dem Haters Off


  • Kels

    I am so over these African American athletes truly thinking that these chics would have any interest in them whatsoever if they didn’t have money. Get a clue!! Not even hating on Kim, because I think that she is beautiful, however…..would she love him without???

  • Grandma

    attention seekers….wtf… famous for sex tape 😦

  • MWNY

    @ Kels Kim was married before and I don’t think he was a big name celebrity.
    I like Kim and Reggie because I like Kim I think she is beautiful and she doesn’t seem too fake.
    Reggie doesn’t look as muscular as before though.
    These comments are coming from a black female. I am all for interracial dating I don’t think people she limit themselves to just one particular race. Most athletes date other races anyway. I’m not looking for an athlete..

  • CC

    Kim Kardashian has obviously lost weight and she doesn’t wear those tight ass clothes anymore, that’s what is different about her. I know when I lost weight my face changed too.

    Reggie and Kim look happy. Bossip, please find another couple to stalk in 2009. You guys have played yourself with the constant coverage of Reggie and Kim in 2008. Just leave them alone.

  • A New Year (and Texas is still gettin shit)

    “I am all for interracial dating I don’t think people should limit themselves to just one particular race. ”

    100% CO-SIGN.

  • MeanGurl

    Kim does look a little different in the face, not sure what it is though.

  • Kels

    Fair enough MWNY. I am definitely a firm believer that you date who you love….however, I don’t know if you keep up with the kardashian show. On one episode, they said that Reggie had gotten hurt, and Khloe asked Kim, “Does he still get paid?” That was the craziest thing ever to me. I see lots of the philanthropic ventures that this family does and think that they are a great unit. But MWNY, their relationship is just one of those things that make me say hummmmmm…….

  • MeanGurl

    CC I agree. bossip needs to find some fresh meat to stalk for ’09.

  • CC

    Khloe and Rashad look cute together!

  • Kenneth

    im getting tired of these ladys taking all of the good nice looking brothers,is that all they can get?Me being a man i am it hurts me to see them (Reggie,Rashad) not with there own kind.There is nothing wrong with a black woman a beautiful on at that.

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