The Old Lady Stepped Her Game Up

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Damn, after popping out a baby just a bit ago, ‘ole Tameka is looking pretty darn good. She still might look a wee bit tranny-ish, but it is still a major come up on her part…

Tameka and Usher brought in the New Year in Vegas too…check out pics below:

A few more on the flippy…

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  • King Jaffe Joe


  • A New Year (and Texas is still gettin shit)

    Top 2..Maybe 1st?

  • Pedro

    Happy new year yall bossip , bossip commenters ,

    Im out fa real now

  • therealest

    I think they look really nice.

  • thephatdiva

    I never remember her looking bad! She has two small babies she looks great and her shoes are bad (in a good way) PS top five

  • Brush Dem Haters Off

    Bossip don’t start the hate….I love Mr.& Mrs.Raymond…Black love

  • Grandma

    Tameka must be very good in bed for usher to marry her and have babies with. i mean why

  • A New Year (and Texas is still gettin shit)

    Considering I just saw the Usher Boondocks episode this is rather ironic..but funny.

  • Nizzle

    Mr. Usher looks a little Tense. Keep those hands in your pockets sir.

  • MeanGurl

    Tameka in NOt an ugly woman. I’m glad to see her and Usher happy and in blacklove. Usher like his women with REAL woman curves. Not plastic.
    Happy Kwanzaa/Happy New Year

  • MWNY

    I haven’t really been a fan of Usher’s since he started acting like a you know what towards his fans.

  • HarlemWorld

    What is wrong with you people. I never though there was anything wrong with Tameka. As a black man I can honestly say that I understand why Ursh mess with her because she gets her own stacks (she actually styled Nas for one of his album covers i just ran across) and I know she ain’t with that prissy mess in the bedroom. Plus she looks like she don’t take no mess but also keeps her mouth shut. Sounds like a winner to me.

  • Carla

    Karma is a bitch for Usher, now isn’t it ? He didn’t want to be tied down with Chilli but Tameka trapped him her invisible box, lol….

  • pamelicious

    OLD LADY??????? what is she like 37 years old? She looks gorgeous, she definitely looks a lot better than most!!!!!!

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    I see that some things don’t change going into the new year…the hating continues.

  • HarlemWorld

    Who needs some young thang that’s gonna come in and try to be more fly than Usher in addition to scooping his stacks instead of holding him down. Later for that B.S. go ahead Ursh. I cosign on that and she thick!

  • jazi

    She looks fab!

  • sickofitt

    She looks Fab. Doesn’t she have like 5 kids? She looks damm good. Her stomach snapped back in no time

  • Angee

    She look good. They look good together.

  • karen

    please, quit hating on her she looks nice. They both do, they make a good couple.

  • Grandma

    usher could have married rihanna… my girl rihanna is very talented, wins everyday and sings very good and will be at the Obamas inaguration

  • BKLYNZ OWN(09 our time to shine)


  • Commenting for the New Year

    It’s funny that you all call her crazy, but I would say just a mild, ghetto mental illness…they look great through and I wish them well

  • Laila

    I see that some things don’t change going into the new year…the hating continues.

    ^^^^^^so true, 2009 is supposed to be about all kind of change, but honestly all these people who choose to have hate in their hearts really only hurt themselves. I don’t know about you all, but i’m leaving the childish hate in 2008!

    Tameka looks awesome!

  • The Bear - Black is the new White!!!

    Say whatever you like but what I notice is that in these pics Usher looks happy as heck… I mean I see a genuine (not fake or put on) happiness in the dude in these pictures and you cannot put a price on that.

    I think Tameka is a beautiful woman as is but if I found a woman that made me as happy as Usher appears in these pics her looks (and what people have to say about them) would not matter one bit to me.

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