Busted: Shady Police Officer Fired For Writing Fake DUI Tickets To Meet Quota

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Police Officer Fired For Writing Fake DUI Tickets To Meet Quota

A Utah state trooper who was recently honored for the number of slizzard citizens she got off the road has now been sent packing after an investigation revealed that most of her “convictions” turned out to be fake.

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State troopers put their lives on the line every day. And the act of pulling someone over on a highway can be a deadly experience for any cop not following the best protocols. But police are also under great pressure to generate ticket revenue for their cities, counties and states, and their zeal to hit revenue targets can lead them to do the wrong thing.

So says a class action suit filed against the State of Utah and a specific state trooper who is accused of writing “driving under the influence” tickets when they weren’t impaired.

State trooper Lisa Steed was honored inside the state police force for busting an extraordinary number of drunk drivers. But some of her convictions were subsequently over-turned, and the trooper was reprimanded and then fired for making false arrests.

Since Steed’s performance and punishment were reported, dozens of people who were convicted have been signing up with lawyers for a class action suit. People convicted of DUI lost money, cars and trailers and even jobs, according to ABC 4 News/Salt Lake City.

Aren’t there enough ACTUAL drunk drivers on the road for one-time to focus on? SMH.

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