Only On Camera: “Madame” Kris Jenner Keeps “Happy Marriage” Front Up To Keep The Gwap Coming In!

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There’s no future in ya frontin’

Kris And Bruce Jenner Keep Up Happy Marriage Facade For Business Purposes

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The marriage of Bruce and Kris Jenner is reportedly “all but over” and “business” is the only thing still keeping the celebrity couple together, but don’t expect Kris to ‘fess up to her relationship woes anytime soon, a source tells exclusively.

In fact, don’t expect either of the reality stars to come clean about the state of their marriage, or file for divorce, as the source says “momager” Kris is determined to maintain the façade of a happy union to make money and maintain the Kardashian brand.

“Kris and Bruce are all but over,” the source says. “They have grown apart and their relationship is all about business these days rather than love or romance.

“They’ve built a brand together though, and that’s very profitable for both of them, not to mention the amount of valuable assets and business ventures they have together.”

That is a LOT of money they might be sacrificing.

As previously reported tension has been brewing between Bruce and Kris who have been married for 21 years. While the mom-of-six has denied their marriage is going through a rocky patch, it’s been reported that the former athlete is looking for a new place to live.

However, according to the source, the Jenners are not willing to publicly throw in the towel on their marriage just yet, and when they are, it’s likely Kris will want to fully control how it happens.

“There’s no way Kris is going to go through with a divorce right now, despite the problems they are having,” the source says. “She’s determined to keep up the façade of a happy marriage at all costs. Showbiz and her career come way before any chance of divorce.”

Would you stay with your husband or significant other for the sake of “business”???

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