DUI: Becky & Katie Drunk Drive Into Police Car While Javier Is Going To Jail! [Video]

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SPRING VALLEY – December 16, 2012 – ** CAUGHT ON TAPE **

A drunk driver managed to help catch another drunk driver tonight. It all started with El Cajon PD in pursuit of a vehicle where they suspected the driver to be driving under the influence. The driver failed to yield and took off on to southbound 125. The driver eventually pulled over just north of the Spring St exit. The driver was determined to be DUI and was being escorted to an awaiting El Cajon PD patrol car. As soon as officers approached the patrol car, a white Nissian Sentra slammed in to the rear of it at an estimated 60 MPH, missing the officers AND original drunk driver by mere inches (pause the video). Airbags were deployed and two women could be seen launching forward due to the impact of the collision. Officers immediately checked on the occupants, whom exited the vehicle in utter shock. Suprisingly no one was injured! CHP gave the driver (brunette) a field sobriety test and she failed it, prompting her arrest on suspicion of DUI. She was taken to Los Colinas. So TWO drunk drivers were taken off the streets tonight, one involving a pursuit, the other involving a terrifying crash, and no injuries! Also note that the pursuit drunk driver had a Modelo Especial beer in the vehicle with him. This all happened at or just after 2 AM.


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