Hova’s Comeback Cover Shot

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a preview for the cover of the upcoming issue of XXL magazine featuring Jay-Z. The cover is definitely hot, but damn, that man got a set a lips on him for real.

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  • Guilty Pleasure

    Those shades are HOTTTTTT

  • lacyd

    Just ugly. But I love him though!!!

  • yo


  • Bahama Mama

    Them there shade are hawt!!!!

  • http://www.mactanque.com Mactanque
  • taz

    I like the cover.

  • La. Finest

    Damn he look good!! Them lips threw me off a bit, but he look fly as a muthaf*cka.

  • 6 Figgas



    ITS YOUR BOY HOV!!!!The glasses are Hyphy

  • alicyclic

    I kinda wonder what he’s thinkin about and he has nice facial skin. He takes care of himself. B has a weiner…. I mean winner!

  • ko

    dude got some serious soup coolers

  • Dino

    hov da boss. Those shades are crack.

  • Royal Chocolate

    Ugly but I’m proud of him for being such an astute business man.

  • me

    damn he is no looker. no magazine needs to ever have a pic of his face from that close up. his lips look like wrinkled vagina. ugh

  • NoWAY

    Did they run out of lip chap? Million dollar glasses and crusty lips. SMH.

  • lady

    as much money as he has it ought to be something he can do about his face.

    i mean, that don’t make no damn sense.

  • http://yourbenefitmatters.blogspot.com ThaBossLadee

    Nice pic. ^^ Do something about your face before you talk about other’s faces darlin’


  • catfish

    This dude is channeling Big a bit much for me.

  • tent

    those shades are called “the millionaires” they are designed by louis vuitton and pharrell from the neptunes

  • KIA

    Shades are hott! And thats all.

  • Titoo

    hola hovito, does anyone know the brand of does shades??

  • Harlem Chic

    Why are yall talkin smack about Jay on the most superficial level? Yall ack like he’s the lockness monster. So what his lips are big? His pockets are on swole, he’s a legend, and the man is about bin-ness; so step off.

    How many of yall chics wish yall had an enterprising man like Jay? He may be fug to you; but last time I checked; looks don’t pay dem bills; unless he’s Tyson Beckford and we all know that fool is on Team Tang.

  • helltothanaw

    The shades are effin’ FIYAH!!! No comment on the face though…

  • neekah

    those nostrils are killing me. Can you imagine the size of those boogers??? I can stick both my thumbs up there.

  • SavvySammi

    I love this shot—too bad the cd is gonna suck!

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