K-Fraud Out Spending Britney Money With New Piece

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Your boy K-Fat was up in Studio City yesterday doing what he does best, spending that Brit money and eating real good with his new young thang’. They even found time for a little ATV riding before going back home for the countdown.

Pictures below…

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  • http://www.k.com NOELLE

    I bet Britney is jealous lol. That niggga just gettin paid!!!!

  • http://Bossip.com jjj / Proud Jamaican

    LMAO at “K-Fat”! Britney should be smarter next time…

  • MissDee

    Damn he got fat as hell! He used to be fine when he was a backup dancer…

  • http://www.esaw@rock.com marcus


  • rp


    She saw herself..LOL!

  • beloved

    damn he got big,look how thick his legs is

  • Hannibal


  • exotica

    I love Britney and it sucks that this loser is living the high life off of her hard earned money. He fought like hell to get custody of their kids, and now that he has it he spends more time partying than he does with them. I guess he needed that extra child support to fund his lifestyle.

  • DouglaBryan

    Where’s his wife beater?

  • http://annoymous@yahoo.com anonymous says the one who keeps it moving

    he looks like hell! white azz hell!

  • Your mom

    Damn he looks nasty as hell…all sloppy n’ shit. I remember when he was in “You got Served.” WTH happened?

  • Playlist

    This is a random story

  • A-rab Baby

    dude looks pregnant

  • http://Afo.net Britt

    Damn he FAT, he make me wanna go on a diet for him. When do he spend time with his kids. He is such a loser,

  • wow

    maybe this will give dumb britney a clue not to open her legs for poor backup dancers. now she has to give her hard earned money to him so he can do nothing ,get lazy, and get fat. he doesn’t even spend time with the kids. how sad.

  • dayg715

    good for that dumb white trash bitch britney. let this be a lesson, ladies. when you play the homewrecker game and you take a man from his woman and give him a couple of babies, it’s gonna come back on you 10 times. karma’s a bitch.

  • dayg715

    don’t hate on k-fed. he did what any one of you on this board would have done in his position too. britney did this to herself when she stole him from Shar Jackson and her kids. that’s what the dumb ho gets.

  • MeanGurl

    He blew up big time. No pun intended. LOL

  • MeanGurl

    I’m guessing he has bad thyroids disease. No way can anybody gain weight that fast unless something was wrong. Yuk!

  • http://style-and-regalia.blogspot.com AsiaA

    yes! he got FAT QUICK!

    I think i heard something about how he’s gonna be on Celebrity Fit Club….maybe he took some Weight Gain 2000 just so he could be on that show and get some $$$ for doing it. plus extend his extra 15 minutes of fame.

    he must lay pipe very well because i always thought he was ugly, and i was a britney fan.

    i dunno, i don’t think these big time performers should date or marry beneath them.

    like when Madonna was with Carlos (her daughter’s father) his a*s was her backup dancer. that sh*t didn’t work.

    JLo married back up singer, Chris Judd. THAT sh*t didn’t work. even when she married fellow actor Ben Affleck, THAT didn’t work because he is not at the level of fam and glam that she is.

    Mariah married to Nick??? I’m still perplexed as to why someone of her caliber would want a little boy like Nick.

    That’s like if Beyonce had married Neyo. no offense to Neyo, but she would be f*cking beneath her (this is in no way to endorse beyonce, i’m just merely stating facts).

    so maybe Britney is paying for all the sh*t she’s done, but DAMN! she’s getting it from all sides.

  • big boss

    HAHAHA PLEASE TELL ME THAT PIC IS PHOTOSHOPPED. He looks bad, I thought the mom was supposed to get fat after pregnancy not the dad

  • Oshie

    What is he spending her money on? Baconators?

  • Bumpy

    Geez. This dude let himself go.

  • Razzell Dazzell

    This doesn’t even look like him. It’s as if he’s wearing a fat suit. What happened? Really, K-Fat, what happened. Did he just hibernate in his house and stuff his pie whole? This is madness.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    What a dweeb

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