Black Girls Rock: Women Of Color Who Defined 2012 And Inspired Us The Whole Time

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Great Black Women In 2012

2012 was the year of the Black woman. From Michelle to Serena, Black women took over like never before. While society is piling on women of color, these ladies strived to rise above that and spread some positivity for the rest of the world.

So kick it with us and salute the women of color who inspired us this year.

Serena Williams – She damn near won a Grand Slam, won a gold medal and crip walked at the Olympics. She cemented herself as the greatest female athlete of all time.

Gabby Douglas – She overcame idiots on Twitter and won a gold medal. Not too shabby.

Michelle Obama – She delivered the best speech of the whole 2012 Presidential campaign and possibly the best First Lady speech ever.

Robin Roberts – She’s survived cancer and is still fighting like a soldier.

Beyonce – She popped out her baby, locked in a Super Bowl performance and a huge Pepsi deal. Bey making it rain.

Kerry Washington – She’s the star of the hottest show on TV and the biggest movie of the season.

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    Oprah – Because, well, she’s Oprah.

    Viola Davis – She won an Oscar and rocked the natural while doing it.

    Whitney Houston – When she passed she left a legacy of greatness never to be surpassed. So instead of seeing the end, we’ll acknowledge what she left behind.

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