They Shootin’: Restaurant Customer Opens Fire On Waiter Who Refuses To Eat His Leftovers

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Eat the cake Anna Mae!

Restaurant Waiter Shot After Refusing To Eat Customer Leftovers

We all know not to drink and drive, but apparently some people need not drink and eat in public either.

via Huffington Post

A man in New Delhi was angry when his waiter refused to eat his leftovers so he allegedly opened fire on the restaurant.

The incident happened early Sunday morning when the suspect, who is only being identified as “Rajesh,” went to a restaurant called Jain Dhaba with two friends.

The trio was allegedly intoxicated and at one point, Rajesh and his friends asked the waiter, whose name was “Monu,” to eat some of their paratha, a form of Indian flatbread, according to the Times Of India.

When Monu refused to eat the leftovers, an argument ensued and Rajesh allegedly took out a gun and fired it at the waiter, who ran for cover, according to

Wait, so there were THREE people present during this ridiculousness? Sounds like this fool needs some new friends, ’cause friends don’t let friends get slizzard and do dumb isht that will land them ALL in jail. SMH.

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