Bossip Presents Ask Dr. Mitch: I Like To Spank My Monkey Multiple Times A Day, Will I Get Sick Or Die??

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Q. Dear Dr Mitch:
I’ve been following your show and the incredible knowledge you have in so many different health areas. Maybe now you can help me…? I’m a 35 year old male and I still like to spank my monkey when I’m home at least two times a day. It helps me relax. Is what I’m doing dangerous in any way?


A. Dear Home-Alone:

Only two times a day? At, 35 years old, it’s really doubtful that you will do any damage to yourself. Please realize that touching yourself is very common, statistics show at least 75% of males do that so this ‘habit’ is not unusual, not as much as a 13 year old who can do this 3 times a day with 10% doing this 6 times a day. Perhaps you could hit a higher mark too if you didn’t have to go to work all day? If you get congestion or pain in your groin or your peen becomes sore, then you would need to stop for a couple of days, and then when recovered you could go back to it. BTW, there are some women who also touch them self every day, and like everything else it is an individual preference!

Jacking off provides good sexual satisfaction, especially in the absence of a steady, willing and able partner. You may be interested to know that a 2003 Australian Study demonstrated that men who bust one more then 5 times a week had 33% less chance of developing prostate cancer. For those of you reading this who are thinking, “I’m not into that”, know that if you are having any erectile dysfunction, it can actually improve the penile muscle tone…and…since you can regulate the sensitivity it is a great training technique in helping yourself last longer during sex. For one thing, spanking your monkey also increases the amounts of feel good neurotransmitters or brain hormones, which are released.

Here is the summary: For the most part choking the chicken is harmless, relaxing and no, it won’t make you lose your eyesight. If you like statistics 95% of men admit to choking the chicken and 85% of women do as well. The majority of women, 53%, use vibrators during sex 53%, whereas for men, only 17% will use some sort of device. For a piece of trivia May Is national TOUCH YO SELF month!

Be healthier,
Dr. Mitch

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