Ho Sit Down: Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore Sticks To Her Story And Claims She Wanted To Carry A Gut Full Of Walter

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Girl bye!

Kenya Moore Claims She Told The Truth About Walter Jackson

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore is still trying to convince everyone her fraudy relationship with fake boo-thang Walter Jackson was real.

Via Bravo Blogs:

I moved to Atlanta around February, for one, hoping to rekindle the relationship I had with Walter. He was still single, said he wanted to have more children, said he could see me as his wife and wanted the same things I did. I moved forward hoping that I could have everything with him. When the RHOA came along in April, he couldn’t have been happier for me and said he didn’t mind our relationship being followed on TV. He intimated to me that he wanted to be married to me and that it would happen soon. I’m always talking about it on the show because he made it seem imminent. It was an exciting time for me.

NeNe is a good judge of character, which is why we are friends. I think she saw something that I didn’t see or didn’t want to see when we were in Anguilla.

Kenya also talked about the fight between her and Porsha Stewart and claims Porsha’s anger is because she’s “jealous” of her…

Being called old is the last dirty word you can call a woman. The fact is, if we are lucky we will all age graciously with wisdom, grace, and dignity. If we are blessed, life is about seeing our children grow and their children grow to live a long, happy life full of love. Life is precious. After seeing the senseless Connecticut massacre this week, it makes this sentiment all the more precious. Life is never promised to us. My heartfelt condolences go out to the families who lost their angels.

When an insecure woman is jealous, immature, spiteful, and/or ignorant, they will always try to tear an accomplished, beautiful woman down in order to feel better about their own lack of success. However, one cannot rewrite history. My legacy is untouchable, and I’m most proud of my professional achievements and accomplishments I have been able to bequeath despite the odds.

Kenya, those poor children in Newtown don’t have anything to do with you acting like a hoodrat on television. HO SIT DOWN!

If you’re going to be a ho, then be a ho. If you want to be a liar, then be a damn good liar. At the end of the day, you have to own who you are. Kenya isn’t foolin’ NOBODY!

Always tell your truth or have someone else tell it for you.

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