For Discussion: Outrage Over Sandy Hook Massacre, But What About All The Black People Being Killed Daily In Chicago??

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Black Communities Not Getting Same Reaction To Gun Violence As Whites

Gun violence isn’t that big of a deal when black people are the victims/shooters?

According to Washington Post Blog:

Young black men kill each other every day. The problem is particularly acute in cities like Chicago, President Barack Obama’s hometown. Yet, I haven’t seen the president or the mainstream media shed a tear over the fact more than 50 percent of America’s murder victims are black and nearly all of those blacks killed – 85 percent- are young men.

Nor do we see media or presidential outrage or calls for more rigid gun control laws when young black kids are heinously murdered like we do when the victims are mostly white. Neither words nor God can explain the horrific mass slayings that occurred at Sandy Brook Elementary, Columbine, Virginia Tech University, Aurora and those to come in our future.

But why don’t we hear the same pain or calls for tougher gun laws from the mainstream press when Trayvon Martin was killed? Instead, the media immediately turned it into a racially motivated killing of a black boy by a white man. Yet there is often little horror over the alarming rate of young black men who are both perpetrators and victims of these homicides.

For years the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that the homicide rate among blacks is beyond epidemic proportions. The CDC found as of 2007, “black males age 15-34 were at the greatest risk of death by homicide.” Where’s the societal outrage over the reality that 55 percent of all federal prisoners are black though blacks only account for 12 percent of the population, as Shelby Steele noted here.

The double standard the mainstream media shows toward its coverage of black vs. white homicides is beyond irresponsible and dishonest. When black Kansas City Chiefs football player Javon Belcher shot his wife Kassandra Perkins and then killed himself with the same gun, I don’t remember the news media calling for tougher gun laws. Why? Is it okay for blacks to kill?

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