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John Legend couldn’t be happier as he ushered in the New Year with his sunshine, Christy Teigen, and various other persuasions with a certain pigment deficiency. Get in where you fit in, we ain’t mad.

More pics of John Legend and Christy partying it up at Prive Nightclub in Miami.

Even more when you…

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  • spinner 22

    Must be nice Happy New yeaar

  • Born

    You know what? Who cares! God bless him, he’s happy and most people are of a mixed variety anyway. Happy New Year!!!

  • Adannaya


  • Adannaya

    Nice pictures


    i know im not the only 1 that counts in this bytch workin today…..

  • Born

    And really…if he had a child with any other race/ethnicity, the baby would be deemed black anyway. Stop the madness Bossip.

  • kristo

    aww arent they cute Not!! in that one pic seems like hes losing interest Geeting bored JL?? I know I am get something new and exciting this new year JL

  • spinner 22

    Sorry AD but you can have title

    Said i was going to be nice this year

    Will say thats the most prettiest dress I seen her ever wear and classy


    they better put that shyt on DVD, Katt be overrated but he funny….

  • spinner 22

    Katt is very funny I watched that one show he did where he had green jacket on Man I never laughed so hard in my life LOL

  • FakeAssHungryHo's

    They make a cute couple. He’s sexy~


    katt would be funnier if he didnt recycle jokes so often

  • Monie

    “…and various other persuasions with a certain pigment deficiency…”

    There are 8 people in the top photo and at least 3 of them are Black. So I don’t get your comment? I suppose you had to say something, even if it was totally inaccurate. lol

  • laney28

    Fun times… Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! May you all be blessed!

  • Roe ski Love

    John Legend looks like a waiter from the 50s in that outfit. Talkin bout can I give you a refil mamdam or sir?


    where,when or how can i see that show?

  • Scooby Dubious

    He’s post-black, and right on time. Negritude has no future.

  • http://bossp corperatecutieshayshay

    @ chase crosse
    i live in michigan i caught it live at the joe louis arena but my lil sis said they have about 2-3 clips on you tube already she just texted me 2 min ago


    thanx i hope its as funny as you say,cause i know katt could smash steve





    lmao they got some video of it on mediatakout..i concur with everything he said about T payne…

  • http://bossp corperatecutieshayshay

    @ purp
    mee too i, i never thought of him as a dick suc*er… thas something to think about maybe he knows shit we dont!!!!

  • anonymous says the one who keeps it moving

    HI corperate cutie and purp!WHERE THE HECK IS KZZME?


    corp Im sure he know mad stuff in the industry we don’t. Industry secrets and people be off the hook. T pain just got too many songs about trickin on strippers, sounds like he’s hiding…
    but Katt was not playin at all on Dec 31st in Detroit. I need the DVD!!

    Im not partial to Steve Harvey at all anyway…


    lol…hey hey anon…nobodys in this dead sonuva bytch tewday. thank gawd im home and with herbals. geez.

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