Jesus Take The Wheel: Police And Military Armor Company Designs Bulletproof Backpacks For School Children! [Video]

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Is THIS what it’s come to now??

In light of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the lives of our children will never be the same

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Another sign of the times — the latest protection for children:

Bulletproof backpacks.

The bulletproof backpacks for schoolchildren are able to stop pistol rounds, not rifle rounds.

No one’s claiming that they’re the perfect defense for kids.

But since Friday parents have been buying all they can find, on-line, for around $200 to $300 dollars each.

“It’s designed to stop anything up to a .357 Magnum,” said Richard Brand in Salt Lake City, Utah, who spoke with 11Alive’s Jon Shirek in Atlanta Wednesday via Skype.

Brand’s company,, makes lightweight body armor for police and the military.


And earlier this year, at the request of parents, he said, the company also started making bulletproof backpacks for schoolchildren, made to the same rigorous standards as the adult body armor is.

“It’s qualified and it’s officially approved for police officer and military use. Most of your standard handguns is what this will be able to stop, the most common threats out there.”

Brand said he regrets to have to say that since Friday, on-line sales of the bulletproof backpacks for children have exploded, twenty and thirty times normal. He regrets it, he said, because the company never expected the sudden interest and is scrambling to set up some sort of non-profit to distribute the children’s backpacks.

“We don’t want to make a profit on this, we just want to protect people.”

Yeah, but you’re not gonna give these thing away for free are you?? Right.

It’s really, REALLY, sad that we have to ask our children to learn how to use their backpacks as shields just in case some lunatic comes to school ready to shoot. Better safe than sorry though we suppose.

Would you buy your child one of these backpacks?

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Watch a demonstration of how well these backpacks work on the flip.

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