Wait, What? Evelyn Denies Acting Like A Bottle Bustin’ Wild Banshee On Basketball Wives – “I Was Never A Bully”

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Evelyn Lozada Denies Being A Bully On Last Season Of Basketball Wives

Supposedly reformed BBW banger Evelyn Lozada might acknowledge that she needs to make some changes to the ratchet behavior she became known for on the show, but when it comes to being labeled as a “bully,” she  says she refuses to wear that title.

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Last season the women came under fire for their violent antics and culture of cast antagonism. But Evelyn argues that it didn’t come out of nowhere and she refused to be labels as a bully.

“Any arguments that I have had on the show have been because there was drama and catiness going on amongst the girls,” Evelyn explained. “You know, I was never a bully. I never just picked on someone. …We actually had real, catty, reality TV show issue.”

It was that behavior, though, that caused one Spelman student to call for a boycott of her now-cancelled spin-off “Ev & Ocho,” which was later expanded to “BBW.”

“There was a lot of controversy,” said Evelyn, who assured that VH1 viewers will see a much different approach to cast discord this season. “You can tell that we just have a different mindset. I mean, we’re not going to [not] voice our opinion, but at the same time, we’re not going to be physical with anyone.”

She continued, “We’re definitely changing that.”

Hmmm. Tammi and Evelyn were both on their best bully-ish last season, but it was Tammi’s tirade against former cast member Kesha Nichols that brought the BBW “bully behavior” to the forefront of the show.

Do you agree that Evelyn isn’t a bully? Or is she still in denial about the truth?

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