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Gabrielle Union and Evan Ross both showed Jermaine Dupri support for the release of his book “Young, Rich and Dangerous” in NYC.

Fill in the Blank: Evan Ross is gazing so dreamily at Gabrielle Union thinking _________________________.

View more pics from that event right about now…

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  • Mary J Blige

    damn…i have no words

  • Pervster

    “Maybe she thinks I’m Chris Brown?? [:0/ “



  • Mary J Blige

    but to be completely fair, Gabby lookin a lil ashy herself. what in the dusty ass world happened to these people?I’ma send out some free Carol’s daughter products to these folks, brighten their complexions up

  • 4Josiah

    **co-signing with Mary J**

    Evan Ross is gazing so dreamily at Gabrielle Union thinking _________________________… her face IS a lil ashy…

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Mary, all the pics look grey and washed out, obviously, it’s the film and not the person.

  • Lorrie

    “So THIS is what being wig/weave free looks like!!!”

  • jen

    If only she were a dude.

  • jen

    I love the way even though Jermaine is really short Janet is comfortable enough to still wear 5 inch heels. Work it girl!

  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)

    I can’t comment. Something about this pic is grossing me out.

  • Gab's thoughts

    My skin isn’t light enough for Jeter but you can hit me up on myspace Evan at least you like brown skin girls.Here he is again without blondie in the picture below:

  • dawn

    Thinking…..damn I wish I was not gay……..

  • Anonymous3

    lmao at the Gollum comment….but for real though…he does kinda look like that little creature…he looked better in ATL….

  • Royal Chocolate


  • Nicole

    “gee I wish I was her”

  • AL Sharpton

    “dang, how do i tell this old lady she was just a jump-off?”

  • 6 Figgas

    That Evan kid’s a little young to be sportin’ a busted hairline like that. He’s going to have to start rockin’ the Ne-Yo / LL Cool J “NEVER, EVER (EVER) be caught without a hat glued to my head” look pretty soon.

  • ayo

    @ Nicole, LMAO!!!

  • Za

    Where has the Boyz from Boyz II men been?

    Those boots must be new. Janet has been wearing them boots hard lately (she was wearing them promoting her new movie). I know how it feels when you have something new, you always wanna show it off.

    Who is Quaddus? Reminds me of Lenny Kravitz and Gary Dourdan

  • http://deleted ALL U NEED

    Damn….here rack looks like the rack my man just bought…..I wonde rif he can get that weave as well…

  • Mea

    he’s thinking i want my weave to look just like that when i get mine…..ok snaps!

  • Setting the Record Straight

    he is just another kim k, ray j, paris hilton….celebrity by association

  • Traycee

    Fill in the Blank: Evan Ross is gazing so dreamily at Gabrielle Union thinking _________________________.

    damn, how does she get her cheeks so rosy???

  • kelis

    @ Za

    Quddus… (they spelled his name wrong)used to be on MTV doing TRL a while back.

    I don’t think Gabby looks ashy, but she should check that weave b/c it looks sad.

  • Alana

    He’s lookin at her like-is that really your real hair? My momma needs to go to your hairdresser!

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