Waka Flocka’s Tour Bus Shooting Case: Must Pay $500K To Aspiring Rapper Shot Trying To Give Wacka His Demo! [Video]

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This country is kind of messed up, when a man shooting himself gets jail time while another group of men can shoot somebody and pay there way out of the mess:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Aspiring rapper Antonio Stukes was just trying to deliver his demo to Waka Flocka Flame when Flame’s security, including this man, opened fire. Waka’s mom/manager, Debra Antney, took to YouTube after the shooting. She is the CEO of Mizay Entertainment. She says Waka was shot at first. “Security followed appropriate protocol and returned fire,” she said. A jury disagreed. This week, they ruled that Mizay Entertainment must pay Stukes $501,000. He was shot in the right shoulder, just missing his neck and spine. “Couple of the guys admitted later on that they did not see any weapon on my client or his friends,” says attorney Adam Seifer. He says the verdict sends a strong message. “You can’t come up into our city and shoot one of our guys in the middle of broad daylight,” says Seifer. “It’s the best Christmas present,” says Antionette Jonson is Stukes’ mom. She had to tell her son over the phone he’d been awarded half a million dollars. That’s because Stukes is behind bars, being held on more than a dozen unrelated charges. Quentin Dye is the owner of Dye Hard Entertainment. Stukes is one of his artists and friends. He’s pleased with the ruling. He says, “If you’re going to commit something or do something, you have to be responsible for the incident.” Waka didn’t come to the trial and neither did his mom/manager. Only their attorney was present. Mizay Entertainment didn’t respond to our request for comment. They have ten days to appeal the jury’s decision.

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