GOP Ain’t Isht: House Republicans Vote To Throw 300,000 Children Off Of Food Stamps, Cuts Taxes For Millionaires

- By Bossip Staff

The GOP are back to their usual antics.

Via Politicus USA:

House Republicans passed John Boehner’s DOA Plan B 215-209-1, but what is important is how Republicans tried to fool America into cutting taxes for millionaires by throwing 300,000 kids off food stamps.

Before the House could even vote, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid let them know that it didn’t matter what they passed because the Senate would not be voting on it. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney called Plan B an exercise in futility, “Plan B, which is the only thing the House of Representatives, the Republicans in the House, are focused on right now is a multi-day exercise in futility at a time when we do not have the luxury of exercises in futility. The Speaker and his lieutenants have spent days trying to twist arms and wrangle votes within their own conference. It’s an exercise in Republican vote counting that will not result in anything for the American people. It cannot pass the Senate. The President would veto it if it got to his desk.”

House Republicans knew their bill was going nowhere, but they engaged in what amounted to a day long temper tantrum/publicity stunt that was designed to sell the same ideas that have failed to pass at least twice before.

The bill may be dead, but it is important to look what the House Republicans tried to do. Rep. Chris Van Hollen pointed out during the debate that Plan B would throw 300,000 kids off food stamps and an additional 300,000 kids off of Medicaid. According to a White House analysis, Boehner’s Plan B would actually give millionaires a $50,000 tax cut. A Tax Policy Center analysis of Plan B found that it would result in a tax cut of $108,000 for millionaires.

All but 23 House Republicans voted today to cut food and healthcare for a combined 600,000 poor children, so that millionaires could get an extra fifty grand in their pockets. (Zero Democrats supported the bill, and they were joined by 22 Republicans who also voted no.)

SMH. So let people starve so rich f**ks can save $50K?! What’s $50K to a millionaire anyway??

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