A Lil Positivity: High School Football Star Stands Up For Bullied Special Needs Student And Makes Her Part Of The Team

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Fawk a bully!

Highschool Football Star Sticks Up For Bullied Special Needs Student

A teenage special needs student who was being bullied by her classmates at school has found a friend…..and a bodyguard….in the last place she expected to: her high school football team.

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18-year-old quarterback Carson Jones had no idea how his good deed would end up changing the life of Chy Johnson, whose neurological disorder limits her cognitive abilities to that of a third-grader. But over the past three months, Johnson, 16, has gone from being a bullied outcast to becoming one of the most celebrated kids at Queen Creek High.

“If it wasn’t for Carson, I honestly think we would have pulled her out of school and homeschooled her,” says Johnson’s mom Liz, who first met Jones years earlier while working as a teacher’s aide at his elementary school.

When Chy started coming home from her classes in tears, describing how kids were throwing trash at her and calling her names, Liz wondered if maybe the “wholesome, good-natured” Jones might be able to help.

“I just thought if the other kids saw us treating her nicely, then maybe they’d do the same thing,” recalls Jones. “She’s pretty much been with us ever since,”says Jones, who ended up “having a talk” with her tormentors.

Not only has the bullying stopped, but the players have made Chy an unofficial member of their team – walking her to classes, taking her to dances and parties, even inviting her down to the sidelines during games.

“They’re my boys and I’m their lucky girl,” she says. “They’re awesome.”

It’s always nice to know that there are people like this who aren’t afraid to be the example and take a stand for what’s right. Good for him.

Photo Credit: Dave Knoer/K-Kamera.com

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