Alicia Keys Wishing You a Happy New Year

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Alicia is bringing two things into the New Year: Positivity and suspenders. Peep her words of encouragement for 09′.

Pictures of Alicia and her moms on vacation when you pop the…

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  • Born

    Happy New Year.

  • toocute

    love her,she such a positive,talented artist

  • billie

    That was very sweet. thanks alicia. Your shirt is supre cute, where can i cop that @?

  • TheNatural

    i just blew my load!!!!!!

  • LB

    her Xmas message was cute too. i love how no matter how big she gets, she still connects with her fans

  • Blue

    Thanks girl!

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Happy new year! Thank you Alicia Keys…I hope all things are great and successful for her in 09 too.

  • Moreaces

    I love this chick, cant view the vid at work, but girl is one of amy favs. Happy New Year Ms. Keys


    Love AKeys because she always connects with her fans even through the emails on her fan site. She looks like she’s having lots of fun being a normal person and she never brags about the money he makes or the albums sold eventhough she’s one of the highet selling female artists/musicians of this generation. She’s a true musician and I hope she doesn’t go on another 3 yr hiatus for her next album cause that would be torture.

  • Juju

    Awww so sweet, loads of virtual hugs and kisses to A Keys

  • Jazz

    i love her!

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    If she actually had tits and ankles she would be a dime piece.


  • Encyclopedia Brown

    If she actually had tits and ankles she would be a dime piece.


  • nina


  • Davina

    Happy New Year Alicia!!! It’s good to see a star on REAL vacation….

  • Manhattan

    lord Alcia Keys mother is friggin UGLY!!!!

    • anita

      Let’s see what you look like at 60 something. She’s beautiful.

  • tlinds

    I thought that for once, there would be no haters to make comments-only positivity because after all, what could you criticize about this wonderfully kind young, talented artist wishing everyone a blessed new year. Seriously, what is there to hate about that? Well, I am always surprised to find that there are those on these message boards who found something negative to say either about Alicia or Alicia’s looks. My mistake to think that we would reward positivity with more positivity. Seriously haters, get a grip! At least try to be kind when given kindness! Good GRIEF!

  • Yummi

    I love alicia keys to death. But its something man I think she smokes weed!! Lets smoke suhin biatch

    • whatsittoyou

      1st impression- She is a terrific singer with a really powerful voice. Love the song “Fallin”. She is just great. Had never heard a voice or song that great before.
      2nd impression- She looks very young and beautiful but I get the impression just from her looks she may be on something. After listening to only the first part of the first album, I thought the same. Didn’t even listen to all that album.
      3rd impression- I realize first impressions are usually right. She is a very loving and caring person who also is very talented. After listening to ALL the songs on that first album, ten years later and realizing just how very young Alicia was at that time and how very mature her writing was, I felt really bad that I had misjudged her. I don’t intend to judge anyone anymore, only the music. Personal life is not my concern. Much love and respect for Ms. Keys. Sorry I decided to judge the person instead of the music and missed some great music on that album for so long. We all are a product of our environment and hopefully if it’s not a good environment, we can have the strength to accomplish even half of what Ms. Keys has. Stop the hate.

  • adiamondcenter

    A Beautiful strong sista…………

  • dayg715

    the homewrecker needs to wish herself some class.



  • Mr. Dean

    oh yeah, she’s nice n all right now. soon she b lookin like her mom….. u know how em say it. i would not invest shit on that ass.
    men and no one respect em homewreckers. that means them bitches got no moral at all, which means they wil do basically anything for what they want. that is a red flag right there. b smart.

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