It’s True: Soulja Boy Roughed up and Ganked

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Damn, y’all, Livesteez is saying Soulja Boy and is his little play soldiers got served by a real thug army:

Teen sensation Soulja Boy was reportedly assaulted and robbed at gunpoint earlier this week.

Unconfirmed reports began circulating on New Year’s Eve that that Soulja Boy and several of his close friends were ambushed and robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday night (December 30) after six men invaded the rapper’s home. Allegedly, Soulja Boy’s friend Jbar was nearly taken hostage during the robbery.

A video surfaced, the following day (December 31), of two masked men claiming responsibility for the crime. In the clip, the duo boasted of stalking Soulja Boy before the attack by attending his album release party and subsequently tailing the rapper to his home, as reported by

The alleged thieves further described the robbery in detail. They disputed initial reports of there being six assailants armed with pistols and Ak-47s. Instead, the alleged robbers claimed the crime was carried out between them with one weapon.

The clip was initially met with skepticism by fans and media alike, however, a representative for Soulja Boy has confirmed with that an incident did take place, but the rep refused to provide any concrete details, stating only that the crime is “a serious situation.”

That’s messed up, ya’ll. But, the problem with trying to “play” gangsta is that real gangstas might f*ck around and put you in the game. It’s real in the field. SMH

Get at that YouTube clip below…no wonder no one believed it.

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  • Just Jess


  • Oshie

    Holy shit he’s ugly! No more close-ups!!!

  • told you so

    he had it coming…


    lol times about twenny.

  • TheNatural

    this shyt is hilarious!!!! the voice LMFAO!!!!!!!

  • pm

    I don’t think is funny that he was robbed hell thats a kid.. see thats what happen when too many people in your inner circle how they just know were he live like that.

  • A mom

    Despite the dislike for Soulja ………He is a person and someones child and our world today does not need to glorify hurting someone who you may not agree with……..World not cool .It is time for change…………We have a black president now what is ur excuse

  • iluvprada

    So you mean to tell me, dat he was chillin like he wasn’t a celeb? No cam’s? No REAL backup? Well at least his dumb azz only had 5 g’s in his crib!


    yeah thats exactly what happens when you advertise how rich you are, exactly what happens….

  • Just Jess

    and i do think it is messed up that a young kid had to go trough that no matter my dis-like for crankin anything.. he didnt deserve that

  • Tiffany

    That voice is creepy, Like Paul Mooney say Everybody want to be a ni@@a but dont nobody want to be a ni@@a.


    how do i know what he deserved, he be braggin bout them stack so he prob “deserved” to be checked

    life’s lil lessons are so funny, the koon azz nigga is alive so there’s ur bright side.

  • somehoustondude

    Dam ..Them cats are prolly mad cause they had a failing rap career and decided to take it out on another black man that didnt fail. Their reward will be jail trust me. To think mofo will rob sombody then put it on youtube , this lets you know they are starving for attention, not real thieves…We sit around and wonder why so many black men are in jail

  • KAJ

    This is like some Boondocks stuff. Like Ed Wuncler, III and Gin Rummy done knocked off Soulja Boy…..LMBAO

  • Hannibal


  • Born

    Wow… I know this does not have to do with this particular blog, but next time you pop off at the mouth about Nas or any classic rapper or group, you shouldn’t tiny bopper. Respect your elders and once again learn, accept knowledge, comprehend and apply it…another young fool with money. Things happening to you mysteriously, randomly…hmm, maybe you need to check yourself, particularly that mouth and those glasses.

  • A mother of a dead teen

    These young men were chosen by God to recieve favor. If you want to hurt anyone hurt Collipark,Interscope and the people that put there money behind him. Soulja is a product with no parents backing or guiding him. Did Jennifer Hudson nephew deserve to be hurt becuz of the mad ex-husband .So people never wish hate upon anyone becuz people who dont flaunt their money get attacked too and are not here to tell about it……God take Soulja by the hand and protect him from the worldly evil.



    His young stupid ass walking around with all that jewelry on running his mouth, probably just asking to get his ass kicked and robbed..I never understand the idiocy in advertising chains around your neck especially when they’re worth a lot of money, I know a lot of these rappers be frontin and their stuff don’t be real, but why draw attention to yourself..In a bad economy you deserved to get your shit snatched.

  • Born

    And Souljah is no child he was born July 1990, give it a rest, he is a year away from twenty. Many rappers were writing their best rhymes at his age. He needs to stop boasting and start thinking. There really are people that will hurt for your money or whatever.

  • Redd Tony

    @A mother

    Where is that boys parents?

  • Katherine

    The act itself isnt funny, but that video sure as hell is

  • beautiful black man from paris

    damnn, the voice is on some SAW shit, i like that, might get me one of these…
    oh, and the soulja boy story? i don’t really care bout your life homie. you said thnaks to the slave masters huh? so you can get tatoos and jewels huh? you got served

  • told you so

    Let me clarify, being robbed at gun point is no laughing matter. But I strongly believe that your actions bring about other actions against you. If you do right and treat others with respect then you will receive the same back at you. If you act like a ni@@a and talk sh*t then guess what’s going be knocking at your door…

  • [B]



  • boss

    that’s what you get for talking shit..

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