J-Hud to Perform at Inauguration

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Posted by Bossip Staff

In spite of all the hard-ships Jennifer Hudson had to endure during 08, the one ray of light had to be Barack Obama’s victory. What better reason, and forefront  for J-Hud to return to the game than his inauguration:

SCAR winner and former “American Idol” star Jennifer Hudson hasn’t been able to perform since her mother, sister and nephew were brutally murdered in October – but sources say she may be summoning up the strength for President-elect Barack Obama. “Organizers want Jennifer to sing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ at the Inauguration on Jan. 20,” our source said. “They are talking to Jennifer about it. It would be the first time she performed since the murders. She is from Chicago and a huge Obama supporter.” Hudson sang the national anthem at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in August. Her rep didn’t return calls.

This inauguration will be meaningful and represent change, for J-Hud, and the whole country. It most definitely will be a tear-jerker.


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  • Lauren

    Good for her…Happy New Year!


    ditto-this will be a very emotional rendition of the national anthem

  • dubya

    Yaaay to her! Happy New Year everybody!

  • Kenya

    Ummm, the inaugration program has been out for about two weeks from the official site and the Naval Band is playing the anthem. Aretha is singing though.

  • bobobobo

    Thank Goodness at least its not that Tacky Beyawnce!

    Not a hater but just tired of her thats all!

  • bobobobo

    I think Jennifer is the best person for the job! Thats a decision they won’t regret.

  • Hannibal



    Why dont you want her to?

  • MWNY

    Yes, Aretha is singing however from what I have been reading online they would like Jennifer to perform The Star Spangled Banner. I hope Jennifer is up to it.

  • iluvprada

    This will be a must watch!

  • pm

    I know her mom would be so proud

  • Honeybunz

    That would be great and very emotional if she did!! My heart still goes out to Jennifer!!


    I concur with Hunnybunz…

    I would fall out on stage…I hope she can maintain her composer

  • Redd Tony

    I have a feeling her performance will be a classic!

  • Moreaces

    God Bless you Jen,, May this year bring you some peace and Joy..

  • Shuckin' and Jivin'

    Congrats to J Hud, I wish her the best in 2009 since 08 was soooo devastating. God Bless her and her family!!!



  • She should be HOME!!!!

    Jennifer is about to get ALOT of sympathy sales…I’ll Pass, First It was Rihanna now Jennifer…OBAMA Has poor taste.

  • Sydney

    Happy New Year!

    I’m really happy for Jennifer! I can’t wait for Inauguration Day. This is going to be such a historic, unforgettable occasion. Some of the most storied figures in history, such as the Tuskegee Airmen and members of the Little Rock 9, are expected to attend.

    BTW, the Obamas will move to DC this weekend. 🙂

  • Brea

    Beyonce didn’t get picked-wow!!!I wonder why? lol…I thought she volunteered.




  • Balls Deep


    First JHUD beat Beyounce for that Oscar.. Now she gets to perform at Obama’s acceptance day.


    Beyounce must be hella mad!! and what makes this sooooo sweet, Beyounce asked to perform and she gets told to kick rocks!! haha

    Remember in the Exorcist when priest sprinkled the holy water on the girl and she yelled out “IT BURNS! IT BURNS!!”

    Will B.. I know ist’s burning now!!!

    Perfect way to start the year off!!

  • http://www.bossip.com MizCatwalk20

    That’s why i love her. She represents the epitome of a strong woman. The voice,t he style, the presence, and more so than anything, the will power to keep moving. May God Bless Her and her family this New Year

  • Balls Deep

    And yes I spelled her name wrong.. she dosn’t deserve to have it spelled right. ahahahahahaa

  • http://www.bossip.com MizCatwalk20

    damn stalkers…yaw still making this about somebody else…good God i’d hate to see what some of yaw would do if you had an accurate adress..

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