Katt Williams Says T-Pain is a Homosexual and Blows Socks Off

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We have footage of suspected clux-head, Katt Williams, on New Years Eve. Katt already went  hard at Steve Harvey, but now he puts T-Pain’s homo-activities on blast by saying he sucks shaft, and break dances?  SMH

True or False..T-Pain gay??

Pop the hood to see him attack T-Pain’s Manhood, and verbally beat up Steve Harvey, who Katt says was a no show for the battle and is a liar…

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  • http://bossip AKEYS _STAN

    True c’mon bossip he takes it

  • iluvprada

    I would have loved 2 have seen that show!

  • Just Sayin'

    Can’t hate on him…he tells the truth sometimes…it is a lot of fake ass bitch nigga-ism going on these days…it’s ’09.

  • H-towndownunder

    I wish I could hear the audio but unfortunately..I’m at work today..guess I’ll wait till I get home …..Why is Katt going so hard on everyone lately….I love me some Katt but damn what did T-Pain do?…..Besides lookin like a crunchy monkey…

  • http://tagged.com/kniftydevereaux Knifty Devereaux

    Steve Harvey is old and washed up!! Stop tryna battle Katt Williams! I mean who honestly can mess with Katt right now in comedy?

  • T-Bird

    Yeah right…This coming from a 4’10 inch nicca with a press and curl…

  • http://rap.vodpod.com/video/1926588-katt-williams-says-t-pain-is-a-homosexual-and-blows-socks-off Katt Williams Says T-Pain is a Homosexual and Blows Socks Off Video

    […] first collected Added 02 Jan 09 from bossip.com Flag as inappropriate or […]


    i protest the fact that the DVD is not out yet, the corner man dont even got it, the show was Wednesday ima need yall to hurry it up, this should have went straight from stage to dvd….


    I concur the t pain statement….

  • chucky1

    somebody hurt little mans fellings awwwwww

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  • http://www.eRiddims.com Big Willie

    LOL @ T-Bird… I don’t know whether T-Pain is gay or not but you make a good point…

  • pm

    This should be good cus Steve Harvey and Tpain don’t seem like they hold their tongues for noone either.

  • http://bossp corperatecutieshayshay

    i saw this shit live his whole spill was obnoxious and hilarious, im still hurting from laughing so much
    @ purp i feel ya, i need that shit at the house and im surprised cause detroit is the king of bootleg!!!! i may have it by next week!!! im outdone on how bad he did steve just truly outdone, that tpain shit was a trip but ididnt expect him to shoot so low

  • http://bossp corperatecutieshayshay

    @ pm
    i been on ypu tube watch all day to check for responses… does anyone know steves radio station i wanna try to tune in…. unless hes out sick this week??? lmao

  • MissBlaze43

    @ Corperatecutie

    He’s been on vacation this week. He comes on 107.5 WBLS.

  • http://bossip kenny

    steve is cornny as hell, and t-pain need to show up with some women, or he will be labeled as a johnny gill, if you don’t see a star with a woman in two to three months then he’s probably gay.

  • MissBlaze43

    @ T-Bird

    I co-sign 100% on that. I very much dislike that whole Press ‘N Curl thing on a man. It’s right up there with the earring in both ears. To me, it spells GAY-GAY-GAY!

  • Marshabio

    I knew all along that clown, T-Pain was dl.

  • pm

    I think Kat got a case of the lil man syndrome. It seems like short small niggas always barking.

  • dayg715

    he wears a bob hairstyle and has the nerve to call someone gay? does he think people forgot about “friday after next”?

  • dayg715

    but that can’t be true. no self respecting queen would go near that beast T-pain. gay people do have standards.

  • b'more

    and how exactly would katt know this? unless….

  • TJ

    y’all gotta remember, katt is no longer playing with a full deck. and i agree with the person that said a little nigga wearing a press ‘n curl is the last person that should be calling anyone gay. that would be like prince calling rupaul gay.

  • http://www.esaw@rock.com marcus


  • ayiz

    katt is a crackhad….. pain ain’t gay…if he is gay..he is trying to hard whit his image.. and he has a son and a wife

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