Assault Charges Dropped for ANTM’s Bianca Golden and Nikki Blonsky

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Despite this disgusting lawlessness, both Nikki Blonsky and Bianca Golden have been cleared of charges:

It looks like 2009 is off to a good start for Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky and former America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden. The ladies, who brawled over seats at the Turks & Caicos airport on July 30, have been cleared of assault charges.

“The cases against Nikki Blonsky and Bianca Golden have been dropped,” Turks and Caicos Police Sgt. Calvin Chase said. “The only case that is still proceeding is against [Blonsky’s] father.”

Nikki’s father, Carl, still faces charges of assault and inflicting grievous bodily harm in connection with the fight which left Bianca’s mom hospitalized. If convicted, he could face up to five years in jail.

We’re cool with the ladies getting off that way, but Nikki’s father needs to get some type of disciplinary action, with his triflin’ ass. Putting hands on women and sending them to hospital…SMH


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  • http://bossip AKEYS _STAN

    Both are shady

  • g


  • Ashlie

    Whomp whomp
    who cares????

  • bogman1

    This shit is a riot…

    peep it out:

  • dayg715

    the fat bitch’s father needs to rot in jail for hitting a woman in the first place.

  • Janelle


  • Proud ArmyWifee

    Im still not going to support that racist pig, everytime I see hairspray in the store I walk right past it. I dont hate the young lady, but I am hurt by the comments she made, even if it was directed to one african american.

  • jaja1280

    Who is the big girl? Never heard of her.

  • terry

    Two ugly, corny bitches.
    I can smell the insecurity through my macbook.

  • John

    Wow…The chick on the left is beautiful. Nice bone structure + nice teeth + nice skin=BEAUTY

  • Dizzy McElroy

    Is this the vagina punching girl?

  • Blago Baby


  • roosevelt taylor

    Did the sista wop that fat taco eating bitch upside that potatoe head

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    You can take them out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of them…no pun intended.

  • typhani209

    go back and read the original article. click “this disgusting lawlessness” and read the comments. Almost lost my damn job crackin up!

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    His ass should serve time for that ish!

  • kenya

    The father should rot for getting physical with a woman, makes me think that he abuses women in his life, and that’s why his daughter is overweight, using food as a security blanket because her father is a hog…of course i’m just speculating here.

  • Rayna

    Bianca got a nasty attitude. She behaved worst than the rest on ANTM.

    I don’t like the haircut AT ALL. I think Tyra is a hater. She always takes the pretty black girls and chop their hair off bald. That is an ugly masculine hairstyle, which does not suit her face. The hairline is jacked up and the back looks even worse with her long neck and uneven tapering. she certainly should of told Tyra and the crew to eat a fat Dic*, Since she loves confrontation that should of been the opportunity. She didn’t win anyway. The only thing she went home with is a jacked up do and an attitude.

  • Rayna


  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Oh lawd

  • Crazy Ass Rodney


  • Wondering

    Its weird how we’re ready to kill each other as black people for looking at each other wrong. But we got our tail between our legs when some trash puts their damn hands on our mothers. Just shows not much has change since slavery….SMDH. Maybe we as a people need to get our priorities straight and stop bringing each other down and fight a real enemy.


  • gorgeous black women

    biance and nikki could use some jail time too. it seems they’ve learned nothing based on their reactions.

    one question: why?!

  • I Love My Man cause he's MINE!!!

    I don’t like that b**tch Bianca but her mom certainly did not deserve that.

    Let em tell u something, some peope kno who to attack cause if it was my mom, then, the ending would be different.

  • Tomas


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